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    Ban Reason: Idiocy, Rudeness, and Grief
    Server: Global Ban
    Ban Duration: Permanent
    Ban Details: Started with a really rude reaction to tutorial on the build server. Many "fucks" and "shits" were used in his/her reaction to such a simple thing as the tutorial. This continued with rudeness and even more rudeness that bled over onto the survival server and ended with him/her throwing a fit about the existence of the disposal world. This was topped off with the the sweet cherry of 10,047 blocks of grief on the creative server, which gave me grounds for a permanent ban. GG, Ahole. :)
    Attending Staff: Myself
    Ticket Reference: None (I was directed to it by another player)
    Additional Action: None
    Infraction: First and Final ban.


    Broken Rules:
    • No Grief
    • Don't be an asshole.
    • Respect others, especially staff.
    General Rules

    If you wish to appeal this ban, you may do so below. Our appeal process is as follows:
    • Admit what you did was wrong.
    • Apologize for what you did that broke the rules.
    • Tell us how you will avoid getting in trouble in the future.

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