What's the main things to Pack for the big Wipe?

Discussion in 'Server-Wide Events' started by WhiskeyCoffee, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. WhiskeyCoffee

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    Thanks Ener,

    I've just voted online while ingame and got some sponges and cash. I can't believe I've voted so many times with out realizing this !

    Anyways! One Sponge to repair anything in your hand! That's a great bargain. For my High enchanted gear I've been spending loads of diamonds and XP on my anvil.

    Also I've bought a lucky pick, now I know what god uses in the great mine in the sky. I'm having trouble trying to slow down to be accurate and as an obsidian gatherer, it's great !

    Yep, I'm definitely the longest serving newbie in MC :)
  2. Kalanbel

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    LOL Whiskey! Yea... I probably should get on there to work up my excavation & mining while things are calm... and sell it all
    like you've been doing. :)
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