What's the main things to Pack for the big Wipe?

Discussion in 'Server-Wide Events' started by WhiskeyCoffee, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    So, an Enderchest has 27 slots, your inventory including hand slots has 36.

    Thats only 63 slots ?

    I imagine there will be a few stacks of diamond blocks. Luckily spawners stack. But what about tools and weapons, which will you leave behind. Enchanting books will be a pain to carry.

    I've been gathering resources like there is no tomorrow - there won't be soon ;)

    Anyone got any recommendations or maybe a list of what's best to carry over to the new world?

    Also, if you do have to 'ditch' some decent gear, maybe we should have a chest just outside spawn to leave it for the benefit of us 'poor' folks.

    I've been working really hard and can't wait to claim chunks in the New World.

    Any estimates Cass , I don't mean to hassle you though :)
  2. Sairivon

    Sairivon Keepin' folks in line. Staff Member Moderator

    Bring what you believe is necessary.

    I would also recommend bringing one stack of disposable blocks (ex: dirt, wood) to build a small house for protection.
    This way you can unload and rebuild with some amount of security.
  3. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    Priority move list

    Super Epic tools
    Super Epic PVP gear
    Decent 'Derping around armor'
    Enchanted chain armor
    Stacks of Diamond Blocks
    Stacks of sponges
    Stacks of iron blocks
    Stacks of spawners
    Stacks of redstone blocks
    Stacks of Coal Blocks
    Stacks of Lapis blocks
    Stacks of Emerald blocks
    Stacks of Gold Blocks
    Stack of food
    Stacks of Seeds
    Stacks of Logs
    Stacks of rare items/blocks
    Stacks of Hoppers
    Stacks of Misc building blocks to get a quick secure base built.
    Stack of Compasses

    I actually didn't have enough room even with my two Vchests.. so I bought 3 "extra storage chests" for the move. Here's some info about the extra storage you can purchase incase you didn't know about it..

    (copied from m7 post#32 on http://phoenixrisen.net/forum/index.php?threads/1-7-1-the-update-that-changed-the-world.1062/page-2)

    - - - About Inventories - - -
    In addition to the normal inventory and Enderchest you will all get to carry, I will be offering purchase of one time use vChests for carrying over supplies. (This means you do not retain vChest perms after the update, but I will use however many chests you purchase to move supplies over for you.)
    I will offer two types of chests: Normal and SuperStacker.
    Normal chests store items in the same way as they usually would. SuperStacker chests will stack things like Enderpearls, Signs, and Potions to 64. Armor is not an item that will be stackable. You will not receive your items in super stacks. When I distribute your stored items back to you after the move to 1.7, it will be in normal stacked quantities or single stacks, depending on the item(s).
    - Normal Chests -
    1 for $5
    3 for $10
    6 for $15
    - Super Stack Chests -
    1 for $7
    3 for $18
    6 for $25
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  4. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    I don't have estimates. Among the talents I was gifted with, telling the future was not one.

    I check here every singe day, multiple times a day to look for changes:

    The version that is out now is a compatibility version, not a game update version, meaning it doesn't have 1.7 features and isn't 100% guaranteed to work right.

    When their notice at the top changes and a new article with a 1.7 full download appears, we can start the update. Until then, I just have to tell you all that I don't know when we'll get the update but that the spigot team is working on it and trying to go as fast as they can.
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  5. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    Yup... I've been checking it too. :blank: waiting patiently ..... playing GTA 5 and LoL. :D
  6. MrBigGuy

    MrBigGuy [Cake Master]

    dafuq .... if you have been playing league why you no play with me D:
  7. hk47113513

    hk47113513 The voice from the shadows. Staff Member Moderator

    Such a lie. We all know you are able to see into the future. Everyone with red hair can.
  8. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    Don't let the secret get out!!!
  9. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    neva see you on... besides.. I've been out of the game a bit so I need to re-learn rolls and learn the new champs... :ironsword:
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  10. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Hey thanks for that Darrington. I never saw that post. I will be slipping $1o Cass's way so I can take three full chests with me. More if I need to.
  11. MrBigGuy

    MrBigGuy [Cake Master]

    thats when you come find me on ts noob... you know im online on it 24/7....
  12. energester

    energester ๘ĘήĘŗۜﻖёڴτέя๖ت☻ ┌╦ۜ╤─ Staff Member Moderator

    had to use 3 friends and my alt to help carry stuff which i appreciate.
    Diamond Block stacks
    Gold Block stacks
    Iron Block stacks
    Lapis Block stacks
    Emeralds Block stacks
    Obi stacks
    Sponges stacks
    Spawners stacks
    god tools weapons and armor
    anything prot 4 and above and top tier tools and weapons
    many rare and unobtainable items in my collection like a dragon head, brewing stand tile and tilled soil blocks lol.
    mob head stacks
    all prot 4+ and sharp 6's
    diamond horse armor sets.

    Im leaving behind crap diamond equipment below prot 4 and any tools and weapons that are not a high enough standard so they are not worthly of a slot. Leaving chain armor sets all my player heads. Other horse armor. Every other block type and item I didnt list pretty much.
    Im not bringing building materials or food or anything like that. Ill just be getting easy stuff in the new world and will just build underground or a diamond shack or something to place my first temp chests as we build.
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  13. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Wow, that's quite a list Ener.

    Can someone answer these questions please. It will help me decide what to prioritize.

    What are emeralds useful for ?

    Can people change the kind of mob spawners spawn?

    Where do you get sponges from, are they for buying server items?
  14. ZamOfDarkness

    ZamOfDarkness Trusted

    1. trading with villagers and decoration

    2. yes some player ranks can
    Mobs you can change to:
    • Zombie
    • Creeper
    • Skeleton
    • Spider
    • Cave Spider
    • Pig Zombie
    • Bat
    3. you get them from voting, I think you can get about 7/day and you use them to buy stuff like enchantments and other "not possible to get in survival" stuff, and also to repair stuff
  15. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Thanks Zam.

    I'll be upgrading to premium as soon as the fresh world wipe is done, so that means I can change a few mob spawners for making an XP farm.

    Also ( Cass ) I try to vote very day, check out this page...

    ( http://minecraft-mp.com/server/10149/vote/ ) Scroll down and it gives you the top voters. I vote on all the other links as well as the same time.

    Do you get sponges for voting automaticaly? Or do I have to claim them. I do have a stack of 64, maybe that is the cap? I thought I had them remaining from the time I played before.
  16. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    I prioritized bringing irreplaceable items. Heads, special items, things like that. Then, I brought enough blocks in one chest to build a Necropolis. Lots of logs, chests, and the like. The other chest contains rare loot, metals, gear, food, and a few survival items. The chest I'm carrying is just my every-day-carry stuff, plus some extra food.
  17. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    That made me smile, Ive been concept building in single player creative, playing around with mega-portals.

    I've been farming obsidian like there is no tomorrow, I've got stacks and stacks for my new build in the Phoenix Risen , Re-risen world.

    Still can't get enough :)
  18. Kalanbel

    Kalanbel Outdoor Enthusiast, Young at Heart Premod

    The sponges from voting should auto magically appear in your inventory so be sure to leave a spot for them when voting.
    You can have more than 64 sponges, just be sure to leave room in your inventory for them when you vote.
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  19. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Oh, thanks for that Kalenbel, I never knew.

    I've always voted when I'm not in game, I'll be sure to vote in game next time with empty slots.
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  20. energester

    energester ๘ĘήĘŗۜﻖёڴτέя๖ت☻ ┌╦ۜ╤─ Staff Member Moderator

    Yes you have to be in game to re
    Ya you have to be in the game to receive the rewards. You will also get some currency and then some regular gold apples (nugget ones) or shit apples as I call them lol. But I collect them and red apples. I just have to leave them behind though. Also if you click on the announcement thread for posting on the minecraft forums to help bump the server. Cass will give you sponges for doing that daily. It helps bring new people to the server.
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