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Discussion in 'Eden (Nation)' started by Rudus, May 31, 2013.

  1. Rudus

    Rudus New Member

    And now when everybody is giggling .

    We need the following resources :
    Raw Porkchop
    Raw Beef
    Raw Fish
    White Wool
    Coal (i can provide)
    Gold (ill also provide)
    Emeralds !
    Aaaaand... ill post more if i will need something

    And now prizes...
    For now thers no "badass" good in our market
    We can get :
    Diamond Efficiency III pick (Cost diamond pick + 2 emeralds)
    8 apples (cost 1 emerald)

    Of course we can get a lot more ... but crap mainly...

    Anyone who is interested in investing please contact me :D there will be profits for contributors :]
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  2. goaliebw

    goaliebw Co-founder of Ardmore, Trusted, and Cass' favorite

    What's your plan?
    Need to know a little more before I invest :P
  3. Quryx

    Quryx New Member

    I want to know this too if I'm going to put effort into this, if you can some more information I may be willing to provide for the following:

    White Wool
  4. energester

    energester ๘ĘήĘŗۜﻖёڴτέя๖ت☻ ┌╦ۜ╤─ Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah i can give some of that stuff. also found a village in disposal and got 7 pairs of chain boots for 35 emeralds today.
  5. Annonny

    Annonny Trusted

    Books, paper, raw beef, wheat is what i got plenty of. Also have white wool, coal, gold and some raw porkchop(but a plenty of cooked one).

    the only thing I'm looking for in return is chain chestplate(2 of them). I got around enough emeralds for 2 pieces, so can happily pay for them.
  6. Rudus

    Rudus New Member

    ROI is ... uncertain :D


    I can assure all of you that if my villagers will come with something good ill announce it :D
    Chain armor, enchanted tools/armor, apples, enchanted books (but those are expensive) - those are potential items that we will get in return

    I can also make an account book so everyone investing will see how much they gave in and how much they got in return.

    Let me quote every overseer on earth:
    MY FINANCES ARE TRANSPARENT *Jumps out of the window*
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