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  1. Punkae

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    At the current moment, here are our official Allies.

    Town allies:


    Personal Allies:

    (Will fill in later)

    As a side note, any previous alliances with zference & co. has been officially broken when they took advantage of the unintended deletion of the town claims to raid us. If you want details, I'll be willing to give them. If you are upset and have lost anything important, I will personally help you replace the items out of my own personal stock of resources, or I will expend the time and effort to help you get back whatever it is that you lost. This is the nature of my role as your leader, and I intend to play it well.

    If anyone wishes to be added to either our town or personal ally lists, please private message me, so we can talk. We take alliances seriously in this town. Any and all alliances that are broken due to action of townmates or suspected townmates need to be reported to me, so I can take care of disciplinary action. I am not responsible for the actions of my allies, only my town mates. Furthermore, I would advise against spontaneously reversing alliances without reporting incidents to me if you are an ally because it will come with a rather large price tag... on your head. We are a generally peaceful town until you provoke us, so I would suggest not provoking us. It is well worth your time to be allied with Abyss due to our wealth, strength, and willingness to share supplies in exchange for added protection and the benefits of a mutual friendship and peace.
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  2. TehCaptainAndy

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    We've been enemies, at least Ardmore has. Our alliance was broken when Altr0s pissed dayren off multiple times :(
  3. Punkae

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    Hisan, a.k.a. Zferencce, is what I am concerned with...

    The Altr0s incident was not unprovoked, so I don't know think blaming anything on him is even fair to begin with.

    Point being, things could have been handled differently but were not. Therefore things will be different in the future.

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