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    These are all the basic rules that apply to raiding!

    Legal raiding tools
    Items on this list can be placed in others property to aid your raid. Items placed during raiding must be left behind to help the owner of the land improve their structure to avoid future raids.

    • Ladders
    • Buttons & Levers
    • Redstone Torches
    • Sleeping in a bed that is within reach in a property from the outside. However, you may not PLACE beds to aid in raiding.
    Legally Placeable Items
    These are items that you may place on unclaimed land that are not on the legal raiding tools list because they do not aid in raiding. You may not place any items that are not on this list, and you may not abuse the placement of these items in any way.

    • Signs (You may wish to be kind enough to tell the raided how you got in or leave a funny and ACCEPTABLE post-raid message. Acceptable content will be judged at the discretion of staff.)
    • Regular Torches
    • Any item that you place in a chest (You may wish to "reverse raid" or leave items in chests when you take items during a raid. Note that you may not use books maliciously to harass players or leave considerably vulgar content in their possession at any point in time)
    Illegal raiding tools/actions
    The list below is a list of things that you may not use to raid, which includes but is not limited to:

    • You may not use CHAIRS in ANY way to gain access to raiding or to a place you could not otherwise get to for pvp.
    • You may not use Town Spawns to raid AT ALL EVER (this includes pvp!)
    • Planting trees
    • Breaking leaf blocks in order to ladder up trees
    • Pouring lava or water in order to aid in raiding
    • Using boats or mine carts to gain access
    • Using the edge of the world bounce-back to raid
    • Using pistons to push blocks and make entry points
    • Accepting a summon from a player who has entered an area illegally in order to assist in a raid (always check that a summoner has gotten access to land legally before accpeting the summons)
    • Using the Navigation Pack (Compass or Feather Flight) to raid or in any way assist with raiding (Perk rules)
    • Using Enderpearls to access an area
    • Using Nether Portals to access an area.
    • Any OP tools that are not approved for raiding. (These currently include any Knock tool above knockback 3 (3 is okay, but 4+ is not) or any Punch tool above 3 (3 is okay, but 4+ is illegal). Know that if there is any question, the supposed means of entrance will be tested with a viable tool, and if testers cannot gain legitimate access, it will be determined that you've used an illegitimate form of the tool in question.
    • Glitching in any fashion is always illegal.
    • Use of /top or similar commands (useful for getting unstuck from a block or fast travel, but NOT permitted for raiding or pvp)

    Teleport Requests/Summons

    Use of the teleport system is a privalege, not a right. Abuse of it will result in a loss of your permissions, whether or not you've donated to get them. Please respect our rules, as they exist for a reason.
    • One may not use the tpa system to gain initial access for a raid. Raiders must get in the old-fashioned way with legal raiding tools, knockback, or vanilla flaws in a structure's design. Once someone has obtained access to a place for a legal raid, he or she may summon others to take part in the raid if so desired.
    • It is illegal for one to summon another player for the purpose of killing that player, setting that player up for a trap, or for in any way causing intentional harm to that player -- The act of teleporting/summoning is an implied contract of neutrality. Neither the teleporter or teleportee may kill or purposefully harm the other.
    • If you are a member of a town, you may NOT summon someone into your town to allow them to raid it. You may break blocks to allow for manual entrance, but you may not SUMMON them into the town to raid. Likewise, you are not allowed to accept a request for them to teleport to you in order to raid.
    Claimed land.
    Claimed land is land that is protected by Town or Personal claims.

    • Using a glitch to break or manipulate blocks in claimed land is illegal.
    • Towering, bridging, or tunneling to access claimed land from an unclaimed land is illegal. These are defined as placing any number of blocks which will act in your favor during a raid that are not a part of the legal raiding tools or acceptable items list.
    • Excessive placement of legal raid tools or acceptable items is illegal. "Excessive" defined at the Moderators' discretion.
    • Malicious use of Legal Non-Raiding items is also illegal (Includes excessive placement of normal torches or vulgar, excessively taunting or otherwise illegal content on signs or in books, etc.)
    *If you have been legitimately added to the claimed land, you may treat it as if it were your own claimed land. You are therefore permitted to do what you want there with the exception of Excessive greifing and glitching. The owner has forfeited his or her rights to claim illegal activity on your part if he or she has added you to his or her claimed land.

    Unclaimed Chunks
    Unclaimed chunks are those that are not protected using either Town or Personal claims.

    • You may break a hole in an existing structure to gain access to that structure with the aim of causing only minimal damage to it. The recommended is a 2x1 hole. (You may break extra blocks if completely necessary -- for example, if the walls are 2-3 blocks thick, you may break only a few extra blocks just to get in, as long as you only break the blocks NECESSARY to get in. No legal grief should exceed 10 blocks). <-- This means no breaking leaf blocks to use trees as towers. You must break building/wall-like structures.
    • Bridging, towering, and tunneling are all ILLEGAL.
    • You may not place any blocks on unclaimed land to aid a raid which are not listed in the legal raiding tools.
    • You may not claim somebody's structure without their consent.
    • You may not break blocks of value in unclaimed land.
    • You may not greif unclaimed land. (No removing noob shacks -- I don't care if they are ugly! Have some respect! We'll discuss rules for removal of dirt/cobble structures without logs later.)
    • You may ONLY break blocks above a chest to access it if some part of the chest is VISIBLE. If the chest is surrounded by blocks, you may not break a block to open the chest.
    Whilst Raiding
    Things to keep in mind when raiding:

    • You may not set or use your home point to aid with raiding (this means do not set your home point in someone else's territory in order to return to it fast. The same can be said for waypoints, if you have access to them).
    • Using /disposal whilst in another town is illegal.
    • If you log out or disconnect whilst in another town, you must leave immediately upon logging back in.
    • You may not use /back to return after the raid is over (5 minutes after activity) to return to raid or have access to otherwise inaccessible land later.
    • Any and all glitches are illegal to use.
    • You may not "Glitch in" under any circumstance.
    • Take Screenshots of your entry point, so you may prove it easier later!
    • You may be required to give your loot back in some situations. Sometimes plugins goof up and things that should be claimed aren't. Staff will verify the logs, and if something you raided was only vulnerable due to a plugin glitch, you'll need to give the stuff back, or a member of staff will remove the items from your possession. I know this is a pain, but it's only fair.
    *Raidingis defined as entering an area in with the intention to either PvP, steal or scout.

    *Compassing is defined as using compass to gain access to something. You may not use compass to access something you could not otherwise gain legal access to.

    *Towering is defined as placing blocks vertically to gain leverage to access an area or structure that you could not otherwise get to.

    *Bridging is defined as placing blocks horizontally to climb across to access an area or structure that you could not otherwise get to.

    *Tunneling is defined as breaking blocks vertically (up or down) that are not part of a structure to gain access to an area or structure that you could not otherwise get to.

    *A grief-able structure is defined as a wall, wall-like construction, or building that encloses loot-able land. Structures may be made of any materials, such as wooden planks, gold blocks, etc. Although tree leaves may not be broken to use ladders to hop across trees to get over a wall, if the wall itself is made up solely or mostly of trees, the trees are at that point a wall, which is a structure (can legally be broken into/laddered up). Please ask for a staff opinion if you are in any way unclear on the status of an alleged structure!

    *"Glitching In" is defined as using any chunk loading glitch, server or client lag glitch, or any other glitch to access something you otherwise could not.
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  3. Punkae

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    Read it well, young jzchua. You'll be responsible for following those rules and anything else I add to them! One chance, mister!
  4. iamliamz

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    Aha cass bringing down the hammer! I like it ;)
  5. masterw3

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    Adding NO using a FEATHER to raid either, (Perk Rules) under compassing section, just for those that don't realize that it's part OF the Compass Perk.
    You must be able to show a Moderator how you got into a place once it's reported, and you MUST do so.
    The Moderator can't disclose your entry point.

    That is also why you are allowed to PLACE ladders and other Legal Raiding Tools to raid, but not Remove them.
    It implies a "Cost" to raiding, and shows Proof of Entry.
    So once you place a Raiding Tool, you must leave it behind.
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  6. zference

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    Can we have a change to the 'leave it behind' rule? Because more often than not, if you place a ladder in the wrong spot, you can no longer enter a structure. And besides, most people go "MODS MODS MODS I WAS RAIDED BAN HIM PLZ" without looking. Those who do should find what's leftover. If not, well, that's what you guys are for! :D proving entrances.
  7. Shepherd

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    I think thats a bad idea
    because then whenever you are raided you will go to a mod, they already have enough on their plates as is so I think thats just a bad idea lol
  8. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    If the problem becomes too overwhelming, a simple reversion would be put in place.
  9. Shepherd

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  10. jet1187

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    No, the whole point of leaving the raiding tools is to make our job easier and also to allow the person raided to see how you got in so they can improve on their defenses. To eliminate that rule would make it more difficult for the mods who would then have to hunt down where the actual place of entry was, meaning we would have to spend more time on tickets then we already have to and lose out on our time to actually build and enjoy the game ourselves.
  11. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    Couldn't you guys like...ask...the person who raided?
  12. jet1187

    jet1187 The one and only Jetstorm!

    we need to see the logs at the location to verify that it is where the person got in and if it is a viable entrance into the base. specifically for when we perform a ban, we always take a screenshot of the logs and the blocks/tools/chests in question.
  13. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    True, but if you can't find out who via block placement, check to see if they took from the chests. If no kills, and no items stolen, then no harm no foul right?
  14. jet1187

    jet1187 The one and only Jetstorm!

    Z, we don't get a ticket unless there is some proof that a person broke a rule. Yes we can check the logs on chests and what not, the point of the raiding tools and the rules is to provide a legal means to get into someones base, it also helps us to filter out those people who would prefer to break the rules, glitch, or hack on the server. There are reasons behind why we have the rules the way they are, and in our staff meetings, should there be an issue with any of the rules, we discuss them to see if they need to be changed or clarified and how the changes would affect not only the player base but our jobs in moderating the server.
  15. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    I suppose that makes sense. But if no proof, then nothing wrong happened right?
  16. Punkae

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    I've changed it from" Using Compass to raid or in any way assist with raiding (Perk rules)" to "Using the Navigation Pack (Compass or Feather Flight) to raid or in any way assist with raiding (Perk rules)" to clear up any confusion it may pose in regards to the other aspects of the NaviPack. The point is kind of that "Compass or anything like Compass is not allowed". Try to remember that we will provide crazily detailed rules if we have to, but players are also expected to use common sense, and this is one of those cases that definitely falls under simply using your walnut. The downloadable PDF also reflects this change.

    And no, we can't change the ladder rule. It's like that because sometimes it's a pain even for the mods to find out where a player got in. (Logblock can be derp sometimes, and what if it's ever down?) - Also, it's a bit cruel and unusual to let a person get raided repeatedly from the same weakness with no clues as to how they were raided. It's a rule that exists as a fallback in the event of a downed plugin and a balance keeper.
  17. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    Okay Cass, all I needed to know. Thanks!
  18. Darrington

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    Lets say.... A town got raided that has a Mod as a member. Then that Mod requests proof of legal entry be shown. Can the raider request to show entry to a non-town member Mod? Thus preserving the flaw in the raided town's defense? Knowhatimean?
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  19. Putasce

    Putasce Retired Supermod

    Yep. :)

    Generally speaking, mods don't tend to do tickets on things that concern them directly. It happens a lot actually, mods defer things to other mods because they might think there could be a conflict of interest or that they might be accused of such. It's not a rule for mods to do that, they just do it to be as fair as possible. That tends to be what happens most of the time with those kind of things. I dunno if that scenario has ever happened where a mod has done that and i'd hope it hasn't, as IMO mods should just be checking that rules weren't being broken, not gaining an advantage on raids. We all tend to use that reasoning of being as fair as possible.
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  20. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    Shouldn't the person raided have the chance to know where? I mean, I'd wanna be safe after being attacked, not having someone exploit a weakness in my defenses over and over.

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