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    As some of you know... Solara's transport ship ran into some problems leaving the old world and was destroyed. From what I remember, there was a small explosion that may have come from the engine room followed by a larger explosion. Next thing I remember was heat and being thrown through the air into a large tree.

    I must have been knocked out when I hit the tree because I woke up on the ground next to it bleeding from a gash on my thigh. I don't know how long I was out. Minutes.. Hours.. I could smell smoke and see the glow of the wreckage of our ship. As I walked toward it I heard the terrified squeals of pigs and other animals. As I got closer to the wreckage I realized that some of our animals had survived the crash but we trapped by the burning wreckage.

    I rushed to the burning ship as fast as my bleeding legs could carry me. Found the Animal Pens and cleared the debris letting them free. As they ran off into the night, I found that a few pigs didn't make it. They had been consumed by the fire. I was sad that they died so brutally but glad that they were there... and already cooked.

    I searched what I could of the ship but I couldn't find any Solarians. Or any bodies. They could have survived. They could have been flung from the ship just as I was. I don't know. There wasn't any sign of them.

    I scavenged what supplies and cooked pork from the ship. I found some cotton and string that I could use to bandage the gash and cuts on my legs. It was still dark and I wasn't sure if there was any rescue coming or any other survivors so I made a simple shelter near the burning ship.

    I spent 5 days at that shelter. Searching the ship and surrounding area for supplies and any sign of other Solarians. I crafted what tools and equipment I could from nearby trees and stone.

    The morning of the 6th day, I had collected a decent amount of food and supplies so I started my walk to find everyone else. I didn't know exactly where to go but I knew what direction the ship was going. I walked for weeks. Setting up a small camp at dusk. Tearing it down at dawn. Hunting and gathering what I could find as I walked. Mourning for the loss of my friends. Adapting to this new life of solitude.

    I found a small village and met the locals. Odd people. We couldn't understand each other too well but they had an easy system of trade. I helped them tend their wheat crop and was able to trade some of the wheat for better tools. I stayed a few days with them replenishing my exhausted food supply.

    On the 6th day, I again, set off alone to find our new home. Eventually I ran into Cass and Masterw3. I had made it. I was happy to see that a lot of my other friends had made it but no other Solarians were here. I found a spot just north of spawn and began making a home.

    A few weeks later, CrazyToaster arrived! I was glad to see him. We told him my story of how I made it here and he told me his. We discussed the future of Solara for a bit. and he was excited to find a location to build his Castle so he set off into the wilderness.

    Hopefully, more Solarians will find there way to our new home. Maybe they are still searching for it or maybe they got lost along the way and found a new home. Either way. The old Solara died in that burning ship. It maybe reborn like the phoenix rising from the smoldering ashes. We shall see.
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    What an absolutely fantastic read! Great job, Darrington! I wish your beautiful town the best of luck in this incarnation of the server! I am always excited to see what amazing builds you are able to come up with. My favorite of all time will still be the great, iron chicken!

    Happy to see a great town still standing, and well wishes from your Abyssian friends. :)

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