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    PhoenixRisen RuleBook

    • Intro
    • Found a rule breaker?
    • What to do if you've broken the rules
    • Our punishment system
    • Misc rules
    • PvP rules
    • Theft and raiding rules
    • Appeal a ban?

    This is the rule book of the server. May it serve as a guide to you to avoid being banned.

    Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time without warning, it is your responsibility to ensure that whilst you are a member of this community, you must keep up-to date on any rule changes. It is our aim to maintain a fair and balanced community. Therefore, breaking of any of the following rules will result in a punishment which is decided upon by the attending staff. If there are ever any amendments to this book, a new version will be published on the forums, and all members of the community will be notified.

    Found a rule breaker?

    If you know or suspect someone of breaking the rules you must report it to a member of our staff team. You can do this by making a ticket in game (/ticket WhatYouWantToSayHere.) at the incident’s location or by making a post on our private “report a player” forums. Once you've reported the issue, a staff member will review your report and then investigate. It's important to note that staff respond to issues in their own time, so please do not pester them. Almost all tickets are attended to and resolved within 48 hours of their creation under normal circumstance.

    What to do if you've broken the rules

    The simple answer is to tell a staff member. You will most likely receive a lighter punishment for the crime if you are honest and admit to it before it is reported. We understand that mistakes happen, and we’re willing to work with things in most cases. Make your own ticket in game or send a private message to a staff member on the forums.

    Our punishment system

    It's very important to note that all punishments are subject to the decision of the attending staff at their discretion. The following is not how every infraction is treated, as things differ in severity circumstantial factors. For example, breaking a chest is a very different grief from setting off 50 TnT blocks to destroy the house of someone you don’t like. So the list is here to give you an idea of the punishment system, but this list is not necessarily how every punishment will be carried out.

    • Warning thread - Very minor offences normally result in a warning. It will be posted so that it is on record but it is not a ban. This is more of a "slap on the wrist and reminder of the rules.” Note: No one is entitled to a warning before being banned.
    • 1st offence - 24hr-48hr ban.
    • 2nd offence - 48hr-1 week.
    • 3rd offence - Permanent unless appealed successfully to the Admin.
    Misc Rules

    • Respect others within this community, especially the staff.
    • Do not be offensive or purposefully rude. Racially, religiously, or sexually offensive material will never be tolerated. (We tolerate some profanity, as this is a 13+ community, but not we do not tolerate excessively offensive behavior.)
    • Do not use offensive or derogatory nicknames or usernames (you may be asked to leave or login with a different account depending on the degree of offensiveness of your IGN).
    • Do not harass others.
    • Do not spam chat.
    • Do not purposefully act like an idiot or make a fool out of yourself. It’s annoying to us. We know you are not from Planet Minecraft, and you are not here to do a review of the server. Likewise, you are not Herobrine or Notch… so please, save it for people who might be interested.
    • Do not advertise other servers.
    • Do not AFK grind MCMMO skills.
    • Do not use means, including books, signs, other items, the private message system, townchat, or other channeled chat to break any of the chat/game/community rules.
    • Keep your arguments to private chat. (With the exception being if there is a rule broken.)
    • Do not build or set a home within 10 chunks (160 blocks) of another person’s build without their permission.
    • Do not harass or abuse the staff members over their moderation decisions. (If you have an issue with a ban, appeal it and the Admin will review your claim.)
    • Do not use glitches. Any and all glitching is illegal here.
    • Do not hack. (View our approved mod list HERE.)
    • Ask then act! (The most important rule of all. "I didn't know it was illegal" is not a valid excuse to break a rule, so ask staff if you are ever unsure about something!)
    These are the basic rules pertaining to PvP!

    ➲ If you have engaged or intend to engage in PVP...

    You MAY NOT...

    • Use Compass, enderpearls, or feather flight to help you.
    • Get to a fight by use of nether portals
    • *Battle Log (See notes for clarification.)
    • Send a /tpa or /tpahere with the intention to use it to kill the teleported, set them up for a trap, or teleport them somewhere in order to let another player kill them. The only exception to this is if the teleported engages in some form of hostile act. E.g. Attacked/raided you. (Of course if they agree to fight you before the teleport, it is fine.)
    • Use /back to return long after the fight, in any way to gain access to anything that isn’t yours. (Past 5 minutes, you should not be using /back at all.)
    • *Camp another player (See notes for clarification.)
    • Log out on another persons claimed land without their permission.
    • Use /top, //ascend, or //descend to raid
    • Use Nether Portals to access land you can’t get to legally
    • Set your home to access land that isn’t yours or you don’t have permission to do so on from the owner
    • Use public town warps to access land that isn’t yours for the purpose of pvp, scouting, or raid. An exception to this is pre-organized PvP with agreeing parties.
    You MAY...

    • Log out on unclaimed land. You must stay out of game at least 15 minutes before returning.
    • Teleport a friend to help you
    • Accept a /tpahere request to get away
    • Send a /tpa request to get out
    • Use /home
    • Run Away
    ➲ If you did not engage or do not intend to engage in PvP...

    You MAY NOT...

    • *Battle log (See notes for clarification.)
    • Use /back long after the fight, in any way to gain access to anything that isn’t yours. (Past 5 minutes, you should not be using /back at all.)
    • *Camp another player (See notes for clarification.)
    • Use compass, enderpearls, or feather flight to help you gain access to land that isn’t yours.
    • Use Nether Portals to access land that isn’t yours.
    You MAY...

    • Log out. (But not if you're on another players claimed land.)
    • Send a /tpahere or /tpa request
    • Accept a /tpahere request
    • Use /home
    • Run Away
    • Compass Away
    *Battle logging is the act of logging out while engaged in PvP only to return -- using the log out/log in action to gain an advantage (may include temporary invulnerability or invisibility) over the other person/people engaged.

    *Camping is defined as loitering in someone else’s area long after you have determined that there is currently no legal way in to raid or PvP. Loitering over 10 minutes after you have realised this is considered camping and is seen as harassment.

    These are all the basic rules that apply to raiding!

    Legal raiding tools
    Items on this list can be placed in others property to aid your raid. Items placed during raiding must be left behind to help the owner of the land improve their structure to avoid future raids.

    • Ladders
    • Buttons & Levers
    • Redstone Torches
    • Sleeping in a bed that is within reach in a property from the outside. However, you may not PLACE beds to aid in raiding.
    Legally Placeable Items
    These are items that you may place on unclaimed land that are not on the legal raiding tools list because they do not aid in raiding. You may not place any items that are not on this list, and you may not abuse the placement of these items in any way.

    • Signs (Please keep in mind your messages are subject to the same rules as your chat.)
    • Regular Torches
    • Any item that you place in a chest
    ➲ Whilst raiding...

    You MAY NOT...

    • Excessively place raiding tools.
    • Bridge, tower and/or tunnel.
    • Place any blocks on unclaimed land to aid a raid which are not listed in the legal raiding tools.
    • Claim somebody's property without their consent.
    • *Break blocks of value in unclaimed land. (See notes for clarification.)
    • Greif unclaimed land.
    • Break a block above a chest to access the chest if the whole chest is covered by blocks.
    • Use CHAIRS in ANY way to gain access to raiding or to a place you could not otherwise get to for pvp. (Chairs are stairs that you can shift right click on to sit in.)
    • Plant trees
    • Break leaf blocks in order to ladder up trees
    • Pour lava or water
    • Use boats or minecarts
    • Use the edge of the world bounce-back to raid
    • Use pistons to push/pull blocks to make an entry
    • Accept a teleport from a player who has entered an area illegally
    • Use compass, enderpearls, or feather flight
    • Use any OP tools. (These currently include any Knock tool above knockback 3 (3 is okay, but 4+ is not) or any Punch tool above 3 (3 is okay, but 4+ is illegal).
    • Use of /top, //ascend, //descend, or similar commands (useful for getting unstuck from a block or fast travel, but NOT permitted for raiding or pvp)
    • Use boats or minecarts to gain access
    • Use Nether Portals to gain access to land that isn’t yours
    • Use any kind of glitch in any way.
    You MAY...

    • Break a hole in an existing player-made STRUCTURE to gain access to that structure with the aim of causing only minimal damage to it. The recommended is a 2x1 hole. (You may break extra blocks if completely necessary. You are not permitted to break in excess of 10. Make sure you count!)
    • Place legal raiding tools
    • Get someone to knock you back into/onto something
    • Walk or sneak straight in if there is an existing weakness that was not made in any illegal fashion (check logs with /prism i or /prism near !)
    Things to keep in mind when raiding:

    • If you log out or disconnect whilst in another town, you must leave immediately upon logging back in.
    • You may not use /back to return after the raid is over (5 minutes after activity) to return to raid or have access to otherwise inaccessible land later.
    • Take Screenshots of your entry point, so you may prove it was legal easier later!
    • You may be required to verify and/or show how you got in to raid by a member of staff. (Note that Staff keep this information confidential. You may request a different staff member if the attending staff is in an enemy town, but once the staff member passes off the task, you may not demand that a staff member of your choosing work on the issue.)
    *Raiding is defined as entering an area with the intention to either PvP, steal, or scout.

    *Towering is defined as placing blocks vertically to gain leverage to access an area or structure that you could not otherwise get to.

    *Bridging is defined as placing blocks horizontally to climb across to access an area or structure that you could not otherwise get to.

    *Tunneling is defined as breaking blocks vertically that are not part of a structure to gain access to an area or structure that you could not otherwise get to.

    *A structure is defined as a wall or a building, structures may be made of any kind of material and are mainly but not always player built. Please ask for a staff opinion if you are in any way unclear on the status of any particular alleged structure!

    *Blocks of value does not mean if your house is made out of diamond blocks you can’t break in. It means you can’t go stealing peoples placed brewing stands or anvils etc if they’re not part of a structure.

    How to Appeal a ban

    On this server, you maintain the right to appeal any ban against you. To appeal you must make a post in your ban thread.

    If You didn't do anything wrong

    We understand being banned can be frustrating and acknowledge it is possible for staff to make mistakes. However, it is important to note that staff run on an innocent until proven guilty basis, so they do not ban people without proof. You can request that the attending moderator provide proof of what they accuse, they'll be more than happy to post screenshots of their logs to prove their allegation.

    The Admin’s word is final, should you appeal, she will personally review your case and make herr own decision based upon it. In your appeal, you must focus on how you did not break the rules to receive a reprieve. "I don't agree with that rule" or "I did not know that rule" are not valid reasons for an appeal. You might be frustrated at the ban or because that you can't play on the server, but disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated, so please be polite and coherent.

    If You did something wrong

    It's ok! People make mistakes! Just make sure you read and understand the rules for when the ban is over. If it's permanent, you'll have to convince the admins that you deserve to be unbanned. You can do this by first acknowledging that you broke a rule, apologizing, and then showing your understanding of the rules and how you will avoid breaking rules in the future.

    ~PhoenixRisen Staff
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