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    You may ask, "What is the builder rank?" Well, I'm here to tell you all about it!

    Builders are people who have a temporary rank that allows them to build for the server with more ease than their normal member/whatever group.

    What extra permissions do builders get?
    • Running a save for the server
    • Setting Weather
    • Setting Time of day
    • Flying
    • Compass
    • Worldedit Smoother brush (They can NOT spawn items in, just smooth out landscape)
    • Worldedit Tree Brush
    • Worldedit SuperPickaxe (disables mcMMO when in use)
    What do people get Builder for?
    • Building in spawn (approved projects only)
    • Working on a server Project (approved projects only)
    There had been some previous discussion of people maybe getting the builder rank permanently in the future, but I have decided based on the opinion of staff and some other magical reasons that Builder should really only be a temporary group for people currently working on projects. This is to avoid confusion about their rank on the server and ensure that they use their permissions for server and approved builds only.
    Q:Are they "above" members?
    A:No. They are of equal rank with members or whatever the user's personal highest group is. (Ex. If energester had builder, he would still be equal with trusted, as he is a trusted member)

    Q: Do builders get creative?
    A:As you can see from the ability list above, they do NOT have creative or the ability to spawn in any items, although they may ask me for some materials, which I will give to them in most cases, depending on the item, how much of it they request, and whether or not I think they will use it as intended.

    Q:Are builders allowed to use their permissions to work on their personal towns?
    A: Their main goal is to complete whatever project(s) they are assigned to, but I understand the need to sometimes take a break from a project. For this reason, I will allow people to work on personal things with their builder status, as long as their server project is the thing they are mainly focused on. Anytime a player goes a full 24 hours without working on their assigned project, they will be removed from the builder group. They will be expected to report in with regular progress by way of screenshots or showing me in person what they're busy doing. If I do not think they are really working on their project(s), I will also remove them from the builder group.

    Q:What if I'm a builder, and my group got removed?
    A: Just post on your assignment thread or make a thread if there isn't one. Tag me, and request to be reinstated as a builder with an update on your progress/your plans for what you're supposed to be working on that warrants being re-added to Builder.

    Builder rank rules:
    • Run saves if you have built a lot (so it saves!!), if you think the server might crash, or if you intend to use the worldedit tools available to you. (I don't want to hear you complain about losing something you spent HOURS on, when you have the ability to /save-all every 5 minutes!)
    • Flying is NOT to be used for raiding or PvP. Basically, you are only allowed to use it for building.
    • Do not taunt people with your rank perks ("nanana boo boo, I can fly, and you can't!!"), or you will just be removed from builder, and your project will be assigned to someone else.
    • Do not use any of your Builder rank (or other rank) perks to break any of the game rules.
    • If you won't be able to work on your project or need to take a substantial break from it, let me know.
    • If you claim a project just to get fly/perms and don't work on your project, you may lose your ability to get Builder for server projects in the future. Again, please just tell me if for whatever reason, you cannot work on your project for an amount of time.
    For those who have builder and want to know the commands:

    • run a save of the server's worlds
    /brush smooth (#radius)
    • use the Worldedit smoother brush
    /tree (jungle/tree/spruce/birch)
    • bind this to a tool (an item you can't place) by running the command while holding the item. Right click to use.
    /bigtree (jungle/tree/spruce/birch)
    • same as the other tree tool, but this one can't be used with an item tool.
    • Just point and type the command for desired effect.
    • type this and double jump to feel like a total hacker.
    /time set (day/night)
    • set time to day or night
    /time add (#)
    • add time in ticks (helpful for screenshots of builds ortesting lighting, etc.)
    /weather sun
    • get rid of that nasty rain!
    //sp (single/area/recur) (#)
    • superpickaxe! //sp single does not require a number, but area does.
    • //sp area (#) takes out blocks of the sametype for a specified area size when used.
    • Recur destroys ALL blocks for a specified radius! Use it as //sp recur (#)
    • remember that you must hold a pickaxe in your hand to use //sp!
    • exit superpickaxe mode
    • remember to do this after using //sp, or you ,may be unpleasantly surprised!
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    tell me what you needed build my miss and i build.. the resourses needed is something we will figure out later
    GZ on figureing the rank out ^^ weldone and and ty for the trust in the Builders again.
    Let them be handpicked and not shame the trust is all i ask

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