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  1. Darrington

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    Well done. :cool:
  2. Souih

    Souih New Member

    Seems Legit, Ban me if you want, i said it was F*cking Pathetic, not the Moderator, also, Even if you ban me i stand by what i say, i DID NOT x-ray.
  3. Punkae

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    I don't know what/who else you would be calling fucking pathetic other than the staff or their treatment of the situation.There is literally nothing else that applies. Stop trying to snake your way out of what was obvious mistreatment of my staff.

    01.jpeg View attachment 229 04.png 05.jpeg 06.jpeg 07.jpeg 08.jpeg

    Attempted intimidation/threat of a staff member/member of the community. I vote for foreverban until the end of forever or until pigs sprout wings and a third eye naturally, whichever happens first.


    GG, Souih. You pretty much just sealed the deal so far as I am concerned. Grats.
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  4. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Former <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod


    Suggested IP & forum ban as well.
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  5. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    An IP ban wouldn't do much good because he would simply change the VPN he routes through. But rest assured, he will be banned globally on our Minecraft servers as well as the forums. I'm just about done with this idiot.

    And yes, I called him an idiot.

    He is an idiot for thinking he could intimidate me with a stupid threat like this. I have been around the block a few times in the last few years, and quite frankly I am disappointed by the childish and rude behavior displayed by Souih in this situation. Whereas he could have simply talked things out with us and maybe been given a chance back in, he dug himself a metaphorical hole and jumped in. His behavior is ridiculous, and quite frankly, an utter waste of my time.

    Know what happens when you're an idiot and think you can bully the admin?



    Then a bit of this:

    And a whole lot of this:

    Enjoy your bans! :3
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  6. spike992

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    I know this thread is good and done, but just thought I would say, even though he can't see it, you cannot sound [word] with turtle beach ( I have also seen Psi's explanation saying that you can't sound beautiful person anyways, btw Hai Psi :3) but from my experiences with turtle beach, in minecraft, all they do is amplify the sound, like I have tried for hours to sound [word], and you can't it is impossible to tell, in which said direction the "spawner" or other object is in, even if you do zigzag, just on the shear fact that turtle beaches amplify the sound, I have 3 different set's of turtle beaches and only my top end £100 plus ones work well-ish for zigzag sound beautiful person-ing, and that is only on xbox so, yeah. rant over.

    if you read that comment and really have no need of said information, i'm deeply sorry (no...not really) but you just wasted time of your life, and depending on how fast you read, you either wasted a lot, or very little time of your life :P
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  7. Psifour

    Psifour Trusted

    It is highly likely that sound fidelity is better on xbox as they don't use the same backend as the pc version does. (lwjgl)

    All of that aside, who cares about people knowing an ip :P What are you going to do?

    Every threat on the internet is kind of past being a real threat. You could docs someone, but the majority of people have nothing to hide and you can't do enough damage without putting yourself at risk of doing time in prison (felonies are kind of a big deal). You could DDOS someone, but due to regulatory changes in recent years that would be a bad idea (DDoS of home addresses is now a felony in most countries and is handled by the FBI in some cases), and it really isn't such a bad thing to get DDoSed. So that leaves what exactly as a threat?
  8. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    He was attempting to scare/intimidate me into thinking he could DOS my IP, presumably. Which would be an infinitely stupid idea considering the fact that I could probably get some detailed IP logs on him from various things and report him. Filing a report about a DOS coming from a single IP is quite different than a DDOS and will result in fines, loss of internet services, and sometimes jail time depending on the age of the person(s) responsible.

    It was INTENDED as a threat, even though he tried to play it off because even his friend said this was not a wise thing to imply.

    However, I am NOT intimidated by his threat and see it for what it truly is, and that is a pathetic attempt at bullying me over the internet. So no, the threat holds no real weight, but the point is, he was bullying me and mistreating my staff previously. We don't need that here. Ain't nobody got time for that. *snaps fingers*

    Plus, we all know my red hair is scarier than any silly threat a fourteen or fifteen year old boy could come up with.

  9. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

    WELL THEN. Let's hope my next ban is as scandalously delicious as this one was.
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  10. Punkae

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    "Welcome to PhoenixRisen! We have ALL the scandals and drama! Oh yeah, we've also got this shit game called minecraft.."

    JK <3
  11. DeathsGod

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    Well this must be like the greatest story or something cause it has like 190 views
  12. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    Everyone loves to stick around for a little drama. :p

    We're basically just a sitcom here. xD
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  13. footiefever5

    footiefever5 New Member

    xD, you should have seen souih at school. "Its bulls**t" "blah blah blah" etc. It was quite funny :)
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  14. Punkae

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    Yo, ban-relevant posts from here on out, kay? :3

    (I hid the ones that were seriously off topic)

    LOL. Well, sorry. I know he's your friend and all, but he was a little jerk to us. We generally don't bother with people like that. xD
  15. footiefever5

    footiefever5 New Member

    Nah its fine. After all it was our base he blew up. xD
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