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  1. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

    Ban Reason: X-ray, Rudeness, friend betrayal.
    **Screenshots available at request**
    Server: Phoenix Survival
    Ban Duration: Forever and ever. (10 years)
    Ban Details: Master and I saw him acting odd and we watched for about 10 - 15 mins. He was Def X-raying.
    Attending Staff: Myself and MasterW3
    Ticket Reference: None
    Additional Action: If 10 years is not enough, can you perm ban him please?
    Infraction: 2nd and last Ban



    Broken Rules:
    • X-ray, Griefing/Tnt'ing, Being rude.
    General Rules

    If you wish to appeal this ban, you may do so below. Our appeal process is as follows:
    • Admit what you did was wrong.
    • Apologize for what you did that broke the rules.
    • Tell us how you will avoid getting in trouble in the future.
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  2. Souih

    Souih New Member

    I Do not have x-ray?
    How can you even say that strip mining is x-raying? lmfao
  3. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    While there is a VERY slim chance that you could have been strip mining legitimately, if they say you were TNT Griefing, that's enough in itself for a perm ban. We expect to act a little bit maturely here than other places.

    Furthermore, The point of an appeal is to CONTEST what was said in the ban. If you seriously wish to put in an appeal for this ban, I suggest you intelligently oppose what has been stated that you think you are not guilty of and apologize for the things you have done and wait for a staff decision..
  4. masterw3

    masterw3 Moderator Staff Member SuperMod

    first, souih spawned in spawned, then teleported to the basement (under the house that was TnT'd) that wasn't his, Ethan built the place.
    I fixed the TnT damage from the previous Friday incident.
    so using /HOME to get there in the first place was illegal, though you left right away, which was good.

    I did a little bit of work, and when I popped in next... he was digging straight down next to someone's house...
    he SAID something about "how do I get to the diamonds under the road?"
    I said "xRay is handy eh?" he claims he was kidding...
    (saying that the sign said "tear it down" (which it did, BUT the logs on the sign were NOT from the house owner, it was a griefer, note someone_nice52 trying to get someone in trouble.. which it did.. but..) I rolled the other guy's damage.
    BUT, he went down to exactly the depth of the floor of a natural mob spawn room, then straight over to it.

    I hollered, he went to disposal.
    I let him slide because of the sign and other guy misleading.. and no real harm was done.
    just a lesson learned...maybe.

    Kia was watching... and I joined in once I was done... and he stopped, looked around at the walls here and there.. at one point, stopped, dug straight down to diamond.. (1x1 hole) then dug diagonally, straight to more diamond.. though buried in lava.. he worked pretty hard to get it out..
    digging in straight lines and finding stuff is one thing...
    but digging branches straight to buried ores...
    I could see it if they let off a smell, or a glow through stone.. something ..

    NO tunneling to raid.

    NO using HOME for ANYTHING other than marking your home or waypoints, raiding or gaining access to sealed areas that are NOT yours.

    NO disrespect towards the staff, they are just doing their job.
    the comment you made to her was not called for.

    NO griefing, with TnT, Pick, Shovel, etc.. use the legal raiding tools only, in the manner they were meant to be used.

    and if the TnT Grief was grounds for a permaban, then shame on me for not doing that previously when I fixed the mess that Souih made of Ethan's place.
    and where the HELL do you get off thinking that is OK to do anyhiw?
    do you go around in real life randomly blowing things up? smashing windows? etc?
    because it's ILLEGAL ..
  5. footiefever5

    footiefever5 New Member

    While the house wasn't his we let him live there, well until he blew it up. Ask Ethan if you don't believe me. :/
  6. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, I know the story. It's ok.
  7. Souih

    Souih New Member

    Have you ever heard of sheer luck? Im not being funny, but i found some diamonds under protection in disposal via a cave, so therefore your first point is invalid masterw3, Secondly, I was allowed to live in Ethans house, as will clearly stated, i also made a house under theirs as my OWN BASE, which is not griefing as they allowed it? Thirdly, i Mine for over an hour, find 6 bits of diamond, Whilst being on floor 12 the entire time.. Seems Legit to me?
    So if you do not Mind, it would be greatly appreciated it you were to unban me and actually wait for me to do something wrong, If i was to do something wrong, and then ban me, Thank you.
  8. Souih

    Souih New Member

    'BUT, he went down to exactly the depth of the floor of a natural mob spawn room, then straight over to it.' - I Was Sound whoring A Mob spawner?
    'NO disrespect towards the staff, they are just doing their job, the comment you made to her was not called for.' - What Comment did i make, Because i do not understand what you are talking about.
    'NO tunneling to raid.' - When did i tunnel to raid?
    'and he stopped, looked around at the walls here and there' - Sound whoring a Mob spawner, and the bit about a 1x1 bit of diamond is Either some Lie of his to get me into trouble, or something i do not remember, although im pretty certain i would remember finding a diamond? So, Yes,

    Cass , You wanted an Apology from me, Well im sorry for using my TurtleBeech For what they were designed for, and if its really that big of an issue, i will Stop sound whoring with them.
  9. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    If I am expected to answer this because you tagged me, I shall. However, I think attending staff should really be the ones to address this, since they were there when events occurred and have a better understanding of it than I do.



    1. I HAVE heard of sheer luck and will never deny its existence. However, what Masterw explained sounds a lot less like luck and a lot more like shady behavior.

    2. The action under question was I believe grief/tnt of said base. Were you allowed to grief ethan's base? If not, then you were in the wrong.

    3. It is much appreciated if appeals aren't made in a rude manner. (Appeals will generally only be seriously considered if they are made with the proper attitude. If this was a misunderstanding, make that clear. Don't be rude or condescending. It never reflects well upon you or your appeal.)

    4. You say you did not disrespect the staff. Someone else says you did. I'd like to see screenshots. I think that would clear this up pretty easily.

    5. Masterw3 said you were digging holes in someone's yard. If this was a friend's yard and you were permitted to do so, let's discuss it and clear it up. If not, I am clarifying for you that digging holes in the ground to get into places is not allowed on this server.

    6. I too have hunted for mob spawners by their sound. I usually fail because more often than not, what I'm hearing is actually naturally spawned mobs in a cavern, and I just end up disappointed.

    7. Don't use the word "w.hore" or any form of it on these forums. It's one of the words we consider rude and not allowed to be used, just for future reference.

    8. If you did not do things that the staff listed you doing here, I highly doubt it is a product of any outright lie. This sounds like it is very much a misunderstanding on multiple parts, which is why we have an appeal process to begin with.

    9. Again, rudeness. I will not consider you for an appeal unless you apologize for the rude way in which you have addressed this appeal. I don't expect to be talked down to or tagged in a post that is in any fashion being snarky or smart alec. This is a waste of my time. If you didn't do anything wrong, simply tell your side of the story, and thats's that. I don't need any smart mouth from you over what your headset is for, and I don't like the tone with which you have addressed the situation. Try using a little discretion and maturity please.

    I want to impress upon you that I am not being rude to you. I am attempting to explain to you the appeal process, and I think I have adequately addressed all important points of your last two posts. Keep in mind that miscommunication and misunderstandings happen on occasion, and what may be innocent or at the very least not bannable behavior could appear quite different from someone else's perspective. I think instead of being rude, you should be helping us understand what happened. If there was in fact a miscommunication, we should be bridging the gap of understanding here with one another, make nice, and move on.

    Kthnxbai. <3
  10. iamliamz

    iamliamz Blanaba!

    Sorry i know this isnt supposed to be allowed but this was my bit of midnight reading and i chuckled to myself, souih although i do not know you but your digging your grave there buddy if you simply came here with a "I'm sorry i know it was illegal and i swear on my sweet mamas grave i wont ever do it again and i would still accept a ban if you consider unperma banning me i would be so happy!" they might have even takin it into consideration. but the way you are speaking to them now with that type of attitude theres no way in hell theyre doing anything to make you happy so my tip to you is either dedicate your time into finding a new server or maybe consider making a reeeealllyyy long heart felt apology to everyone involved and see what happens.
  11. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    Or even if he just expressed "This didn't happen the way they said it. It was a misunderstanding. [a;ldkjfajf;aldfj;aldjf;ldk] is what happened."... that would have been a LOT better. Considering the attitude displayed in this appeal, as I said in my previous post, I will not personally consider an unban unless that behavior itself is apologized for. If there was a misunderstanding, fine. However, we are just doing our job and do not need to be treated badly for it.

    So you're absolutely right. He is digging his grave. He's got a chance to stop being rude and fix this, but that is entirely up to him.
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  12. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

    Would you like screenshots posted on here or sent to you cass?

    @ Souih

    I understand full well it may of been luck, our decision (myself and master) was based less on you finding a particular block and more on you *stands there and afks for a bit and then looks around THOROUGHLY for a few minutes, digs a tiny bit and then find said block.* People do not normally dig sideways unless it is for decoration. Ok, so even if that is normal for you that is fine but it literally went you finding diamonds under the protection zone in disposal and --demanding-- that I give you diamonds because I am in power and because you could not get the ones in the protection zone. You proceeded to call me "F***ing pathetic" and ran off. We both followed you for ~15 to 30 mins. I believe it was 3 counts of diamond, 1 mob spawner room and 1 count of emerald all in this time. I was tipped off that you had a bad reputation for some past instances and that your name was recognized. I had just previously actually told my companion that they ought to keep an eye out because I just banned you for greifing, and not just griefing but maliciously PLANNING and setting up to permanently destroy someone else's creation.

    Related but not necessarily relevant: I am afraid I made somewhat of a personal call here based on my morals here in addition to you being rude to me and being suspicious as hell. One simply does not betray the people that trust you to let you reside near them or in their home. Pretty rude, and we don't need that on our server. I gave you a 72hr because I was going to be lenient and they defended you.

    To wrap this up, I am sticking to my guns here. It is ultimately up to cass but I feel that all things considered here, that I made a sound decision and not just by myself but with a moderator that has been around the block for awhile as well.
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  13. Psifour

    Psifour Trusted

    Disregarding your horrible choice of words to express yourself, there is another major flaw I see with this. Unless Minecrafts audio-code has changed substantially, there is no possible way to determine direction of an audio source without moving in a cross pattern and than you would only have a direction with up to a 45 degree margin of error (Which is pretty substantial at more than about 4 blocks when tunneling). Now going directly down to the same level is unexplained as it would only further increase your margin of error.

    I would be willing to buy this if the game had a true 3d audio system, but its implementation of audio through lwjgl is sub-par and no set of headphones is going to fix that.

    Also your defense being a flimsy shot at creating a he-said-she-said type argument won't really work as you chose the attack the words of MasterW who is one of the most trusted people on here (He also takes screenshots religiously, if I remember right).
  14. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Former <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    Since the screen shots regard to this case, I suggest posting in this thread. If there's sensitive material in which you don't want displayed (Town or Mod chat), then black that chat out.

    Taggin' the Cass as the original question was addressed to her. ;)
  15. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    Yep, that's exactly right. Just color out any mod chat or private messages if they shouldn't be seen, but this is the place to post them. :)
  16. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    I think Psifour 's argument against the sound makes a lot of sense and would probably explain why I have little luck trying to find spawners by mob sounds.

    Also, this should be cleared up rather fast once there are screenshots. I'm fully expecting to see some rude stuff from this guy in chat, which he has heavily denied. In this case, it will be proven that he was a jerk to our staff and then lied about it afterward.

    This is proof sufficient to back up a ban from the staff, and at this point, I will look at this objectively and see what I come up with. I will ask Darrington to join me in this, but keep in mind, I am not going to undermine another staff member's decision unless I think it is blatantly flawed in some way. The staff here are knowledgeable and sensible people, and I trust their judgement. If their discretion is under question, review from other staff (Darrington and myself) is required as par our formal rules, but I'm just throwing it out there when I say I trust masterw3 and KiadajTheBeast wholly in their judgement and do not think they would do a ban without what they saw as sufficient reason for such.

    TL;DR: After screenshots are posted and any additional relevant info is provided, Darrington and I will review the situation and decide whether or not this guy should be considered for an appeal if he apologizes for his misbehaviors.

    Keep in mind, a permanent ban appeal must take place 30 days after the ban happens unless staff specifies otherwise. Any early appeals will not be considered until 30 days after the ban, and by then, we may have forgotten about it. It's wise to do a retag in this event or simply wait until the appropriate time to appeal.

    Hope this was helpful.
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  17. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

  18. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

  19. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]


    What I see from this is:
    • Kia found logs of Souih blowing up ethan's house
    • Souih said that his friend(s) were being jerks, and that's why he blew it up
    • Kia said not to do it, regardless
    • Souih said he'd just kill them and steal from them in the future (totally legal)
    • Souih was disrespectful to Kia in the process
    • Kia and masterw suspected him of using xray
    • Souih ended up banned
  20. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

    Yep.... Master told me later to take more screenies ... so I don't have that many.

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