Snowballs in my eyes.

Discussion in 'Event Suggestions' started by Shepherd, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Shepherd

    Shepherd Leader of Aurora, Captain of the Aurora High Guard

    Soooo, I don't know who came up with this originally I think it might have been Rofljohnny, but me and Ener and Tepot and Cars and some others played a game where you build a floating ice arena thing and you have two teams of 4 people and you face off trying to knock the other team off with snowballs. It sounds pretty dumb, but I assure you that;s only because I'm the one trying to explain it. But it was really fun and me and Ener were thinking, well at least awhile back before we were thinking that we could make a little server league out of it? With prizes for bi-monthly winners either the team with the most wins, or hold Bi-monthly tournaments.

    Each town would have to build there own unique but not overly complicated Ice Arena, and then either have town teams, or just random people on the server like mixed groups of friends that just want to play.

    I don't know if anyone would be interested in this or not, I surely am it was super fun and just adds something else to do every now and then.
  2. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    Sounds like fun! But I'd worried about people like me who eh... play aggressively.

    *cough cough* arrows in my snowballs *cough cough*
  3. Annonny

    Annonny Trusted

    Hehe, I made it up and built the arena. :)
    The only issue was snow stacking on ground in piles from snowballs landing there, but that's only a plugin causing it which can be probably removed. :)
    I planned to try to make tournaments with teams and all in that arena after plugin would be removed, but you know what happened then.
    And you forgot to add that there was a beacon in center, so you had jump boost 1(or even add another beacon for speed ) to make it all tougher.
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  4. Putasce

    Putasce Retired Supermod

    Annonnys arena was amazing ;)
  5. goaliebw

    goaliebw Co-founder of Ardmore, Trusted, and Cass' favorite

    I remember Dayren made an arena in Solara for this and he had great difficulty explaining it.
    Those Asians really need to start learning how to speak Merican.
  6. Shepherd

    Shepherd Leader of Aurora, Captain of the Aurora High Guard

    lol we had one in aurora that was a bit bigger than yours annonny, but alas it did not last... :'(
  7. Annonny

    Annonny Trusted

    I claimed mine with chunks completely, so it wasn't even possible to grief it. ;)

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