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Discussion in 'Main (Survival)' started by WhiskeyCoffee, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. WhiskeyCoffee

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    I thought I’d start this topic off as Towns and Nations have their own. Maybe when the server attracts more people after the update it could come in handy.

    (Mods please feel free to delete it or move it if you feel so inclined)

    My main question is how many chunks can you claim? My ideal property would be about 9 chunks.

    Also, how much rent in game dollars do I pay and how often? Daily, weekly?

    Finally, how do we earn in game dollars? Or can we actual cash for them?

  2. Kalanbel

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    I didn't think an individual chunk owner had to pay rent.. just a one time fee to buy. But with a new world.. they may change that.
    I honestly don't recall.

    Towny residents had rent because it costs more for Mayors to maintain towns... at least that was my understanding.
    Also, if Cass continues the plug in where you can sell stuffs to the server, then that's one way to make the $'s. I'm sure voting will
    also be another way to to earn $'s. Oh and there is a nice Auction plugin that lets you sell to other players that bid. Again, this
    will require an update and more players online interested in what you're auctioning.

    Until we move, you can sell stuff now to the server and all $'s will transfer to the new world to you. I forget the commands to see how much
    you get for each item. I usually just put the item/s in my hand and then do /sell hand. This sells EVERYTHING of that kind in your personal
    inventory so make sure you put stuff you want to keep in a chest before doing this if you don't wish to sell it all.
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  3. Darrington

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    I believe it's /price or /value with the item in question in your hand.
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  4. Punkae

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    WhiskeyCoffee I belive chunks are 850$ each to purchase but do not currently tax. In the future they will tax, but it will be scaled to be a small and fair amount.

    Chunk limits range from one user group to the next. I THINK the chunks per ranks are as follows:

    Guest - 10
    Member - 55
    Veteran - 65
    Trusted - 75
    Premium - 120
    Staff - something between 75 and 120

    Hope that helps! Sorry for my late reply! I've been swamped with personal projects and prospective commissions the last couple of days. :XD:
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  5. WhiskeyCoffee

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    Hey thanks guys. That's made things a bit more clearer. I will become Premium the day of the upgrade, but 120 chunks! Wow, that's way too much for my planned simple abode.

    Kalanbel every time I see your avatar I want to put the kettle on :) I saw the sign you left at the end of my walkway, thanks for your comment. I've been admiring your work as well.

    I'm not in game much at the moment and when I am I'm mainly mining. Would you coming up with an idea of where the path should end up an finnish it for me please. Even if it's only back to another balcony of the crater. Of course, try and give it some interesting points.
  6. Kalanbel

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    Hmmm...... I was thinking your path ended up at the end of the spawn area so it comes out where people can jump off into the new world in that direction. But I don't know how far Cass was intending spawn to spread out. If Cass has some kind of uniform idea for the 4 compass directions at the end of spawn in each direction... your tunnel could come out on the surface in that area.
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  7. Punkae

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    It's not going to be a uniform paste. The idea is to paste it into a large desert biome and terraform it. :)
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