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    • No harassment of any kind.
    • No hate speech.
    • No doxing, DoS, DDoSing, or similar. Authorities will be contacted if this occurs.
    • Absolutely no inappropriate behavior with minors or any sharing of minor-inclusive explicit or suggestive content.
    • If you're having a disagreement with someone that doesn't require staff, take it to private messages if the argument must continue on. The rest of us don't need to be subjected to your personal drama.
    • Don't ask for staff, op, or creative. Anyone who needs permissions to do something special will be given them by Punkae as needed for server-related builds only.
    • Don't spam.
    • As a matter of politeness, we ask that you do not spam advertise/push other servers hard while playing on ours. It's alright to mention other servers in discussion, but please do not put us in an awkward place if people don't seem responsive/interested in discussing your other server(s). Moreover, please do not use our platform as a means to solely promote yours.
    • Attempting to skirt the rules is not allowed and may result in punitive action.
    • Claiming to not know the rules is not a good excuse for breaking them. Rules are accessible to everyone. Leniency may (but is not required) to be given in regard to this.


    • Please be polite to our staff. Disagreements are natural, but do not spam, harass, or abuse the staff.
    • Our staff are held to a high, fair standard of play so that players can trust them.
      • Staff are not permitted to in any way use their staff permissions to "get ahead" of other players.
      • No flying or otherwise (ex. compass) in ways that players cannot for ANY purpose outside of specifically attending tickets/issues.
      • No spawning in items for themselves or friends. Any item replacement is strictly limited to situations where it is provable that a player lost items due to a server issue, and item refunding is at staff discretion.
      • Staff are required to treat players fairly and actively work toward resolving serious conflicts, not escalate them or participating in drama.
      • Staff found participating in any illegal server/community activity are subject to being stripped of their staff ranks permanently.
      • Staff are required to play in survival 100% of the time when not explicitly doing approved server work.
      • Staff are required to pass issues they know they will have bias in handling over to a non-biased member of staff.
    • Staff will handle your issues through the appropriate channels. These include in-game tickets and the #issues and #suggestions channels in discord. Do not expect staff to be at your beck and call in the regular game chat. They AFK and have lives and connection issues just like the rest of us.
    • Please be patient when submitting issues to the staff. They are not paid for their work and will handle your issues fairly and in a time-appropriate manner, but they also need to take care of themselves as people and be allowed to have some time to themselves.


    • Under NO circumstances are you allowed to claim over something you did not build without the written permission of the person who built it.
    • If something beautiful needs protecting, make a ticket for staff to consider preserving the build with worldguard.
    • You are not permitted to claim within 5 chunks of another player's build without their written permission. Accidents happen sometimes, but if you are found purposefully claiming up against someone else without their permission, you will be in trouble.

    Client Mods:

    • Do not install/use anything that constitutes as glitching/hacking (anything that gets around the setup of the server and its permissions)
    • No x-ray.
    • No fly, speed, wall hacks, or similar.
    • Minimaps and macros are allowed. Do not use macros to do things a human couldn't reasonably do.


    • The server will auto kick non-moving players after a period of time.
    • You are never permitted to purposefully bypass the auto afk kick for more than an hour at a time. (And no, you aren't allowed to just relog and do this again. I'm talking 1 hour in a 24 hour period of time).
    • If you are found abusing an anti afk method, you will be force kicked, subject to having your AFKd gains destroyed by me, and repeated abuse may constitute punitive action.
    • Absolutely NO AFK grinders/macros/setups that produce McMMO levels. This is a big no-no.


    • Absolutely NO glitching or hacking.
    • No mods or macros that allow you to do anything a player couldn't reasonably do (click too fast, etc.)
    • No abusing server issues/exploits to your advantage in PvP.
    • No spawn camping or harassing. This includes home points, town points, random places a player you've already hunted down a few times is playing, etc.
      • 3 kills max on same player within a short period of time, then you must wait at least 2 hours before bothering that player again. We will check logs if we have to. Don't harass people.
    • If you want to disengage during PvP, you are permitted to log out, but you must stay logged out for an hour.
      • If you were the person killing that player when they logged out, you are not permitted to wait on them and camp their relog point.


      • If you betray your friends or your town, that's on you. Your penalty is in the court of public opinion and the enemies you make in game by doing so, but you are NOT allowed to use any alternate accounts to continue betraying people.
      • Your alts must be declared to staff if you raid on any account you play on. Our staff will not share your alt account names with non-staff if you request us to keep your alts private.
    • Legal Raiding Tools:
      • If you are physically able to place ladders, levers, redstone torches, buttons, and pressure plates, then you may use them and only them to raid.
      • If you are unable to physically place them, then you must either find another legal way in or move along.
      • You MUST leave any Legal Raiding Tools you used behind. You are not permitted to break them after using them to get in successfully.
      • Do not abuse LRTs to grief someone's walls/build.
    • Absolutely NO block breaking/placing to raid. This includes tunneling into people's chunks. If you find you've done this by accident, simply replace your blocks and go away.
      • You ARE permitted to take from chests but not break the chests themselves.
      • You are NOT permitted to break item frames or take from them.
      • You are NOT permitted to steal blocks of value placed on the ground or used in build designs.
    • No block towering to get in.
    • No player cannons, flying machines, or use of any magical items that allow you to jump high, flutter, or fly (see: Feather).
    • Vanilla leaping potions that give leaping effect (max level 2) are acceptable to raid. Above vanilla levels are not allowed for raid.
    • No breaking people's forests around their bases to try to raid (see above: "No block breaking to raid")
    • No use of public town spawns, town warps, tpa, tpahere, tpaccept, back, homes, or any other form of teleporting to raid. You and anyone who assists you in a raid must individually make it to the location in question on your own. If you are found abusing this, you will have your ability to use homes altogether stripped of you, as well as any other punitive actions deemed applicable by staff.
    • Nullification fields are not allowed while raiding. You MUST be in pvp ON when you attempt to raid someone. If they catch you and screenshot it, it's grounds for a ban.
    • If you raid someone and the legality is questioned, it is on YOU as the raider to prove that you have entered the land legally.
      • You are required to show a member of staff how you got in.
      • You are allowed to request a different staff member if you worry that one in particular may be biased against you, but you must choose one of our active staff members to attend the issue.
      • It is not on the person who was raided to prove that your actions are illegal. Absolutely no arguing over this.
      • As a raider, it may be advantageous to take screenshots or record a legal entry point for later.
      • If you are unable to prove legal entry to the staff, it will be assumed that the raid was illegal, and you will face punitive action at the discretion of staff.
    • Absolutely no glitching, bed hopping, chair hopping, mob raiding (pig + saddle or similar), enderpearl, chorus fruit, other teleportation items, or exploit use to gain access to areas you can't get to legally.

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