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    PhoenixRisen Core Themes
    • Survival Mode, adventure and build-focused.
    • We keep our main world pretty by using /warp disposal for intense resource gathering.
      • Using disposal has its own advantages.
      • You get constant night vision +haste buffs while there.
      • Special temp buffs are given on daytime rollover.
    • Raiding is allowed, but griefing is not.
      • You may use buttons, levers, switches, redstone torches, ladders, pressure plates, etc. or open existing doors if you can.
      • You are not allowed to break other players' structures, whether they are claimed or not. This includes tunneling your way in.
      • Towers are not allowed for trying to raid others.
    • This server is modded via plugins (heavily changed from default but doesn't require client mods)
    • Most modded aspects are voluntary, meaning you don't have to use them if you don't want to.
    Optional Paths (stacking classes)
    • Doing the server introduction shows you the path starters on the floating island.
    • Return at any time with /warp paths
    • Classes themselves are non-exclusive (you may learn all of them), but any active status effects are.
    • You can only use one class title at a time, but you can mix and match that with another class's status effect for convenience.
    • Completing a class quest-line will unlock new and improved features for you. This includes permissions, custom crafting, and more!

    Server Ranks
    • (Guest) - hasn't completed the intro, can't set homes or accept tp requests, etc.
    • (Member) - has made it out to the normal spawn area and can now set homes, build (after making 1 personal claim with /Land), send and receive tp requests, etc.
    • (Premium) - has donated to the server to receive some special perks.
    • (Trusted) - (non staff) chosen by staff as special for being helpful, invested in the server, and trustworthy.
    • (Builder) - (non staff) special rank for a select few who are helping with world-building.
    • (Moderator) - staff who can kick, ban, help with tickets, perform rollbacks, and answer questions players have.
    • (Supermod) - staff who can handle moderator tasks and can take on work above the scope of moderator.
    • (Admin) - our only admin is Punkae, the creator of the server. Admin role handles development of plugins and core server features, as well as anything else above the scope of other staff.

    Community + Server Rules
    • No hacking or griefing (x-raying, using pvp/pve mods that make you do things a human couldn't do, etc).
    • You must be 16+ to play on this server (Recommended age is 18+).
    • We are not currently looking for staff.
    • Don't spam the chat. Just try to be courteous of others.
    • Players won't always get along. If you're upset with someone and the situation doesn't require a mod, take it to private messages.
    • No harassment or doxing of any kind.
    • Absolutely no threats or hate speech.
    • We encourage healthy discussion, but if a mod asks you to change the subject or back off, we expect you to do so.
    • Please don't spam advertise other servers while on ours as a matter of common courtesy.
    • Staff will not refund your lost items unless it was due to a game glitch, and whether they do so is at staff discretion.

    Basic Commands
    • /sethome {homename} - set a home
    • /homes - list your homes
    • /home {homename} - go to a home
    • /bal (or /balance) - check how much $ you have
    • /back - return to your previous location
    • /mcstats - check your mcMMO stats
    • /co i - enable the log checker
    • /lock - lock a chest, door, furnace, etc.
    • /vote - vote for our server to earn rewards!
    • /backpack - opens a virtual backpack
    • /ticket {message} - open a ticket to request help or report wrongdoing

    • Players start with a balance of $100.
    • Certain commands require virtual currency to use, like /home and /back.
    • [Sell] signs are available in spawn. Using these to sell items to the server in exchange for virtual currency ($).
    • Players can create their own shops, exchanging any combination of items and/or $ currency with other players.
    • >>>Trade Sign Tutorial<<<

    Claiming Land
    • Personal claims with /Land
      • /Land - Lists all commands for LandLord.
      • /Land shop - purchase some land claims to be used later. The first 10 are free.
      • /Land claim - purchase the 16x16 chunk you are standing in.
      • /Land unclaim - unclaim the chunk you are standing in.
      • /Land addfriend {name} - give someone permission to build on that claim.
      • /Land removefriend {name} - remove someone from that claim.
      • /Land friendall {name} - add someone to all your claims.
      • /Land unfriendall {name} - remove someone from all your claims.
    • Towny for bigger/group builds
      • Towny is more complicated than private claims, but it is great for bigger builds, group projects, and traditional town setups.
      • >>>Towny Documentation<<<
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