Now we're on 1.7.2 Anyone know of any uTube tut's on how to install Ree's minimap?

Discussion in 'Main (Survival)' started by WhiskeyCoffee, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    As it says on the title. I have had Rei's minimap working up until the new update. I have found it invaluable.

    But all the uTube tutorials seem to be generic guides for previous versions of Rei's minimap that don't work with 1.7.2

    Any help gratefully appreciated.
  2. masterw3

    masterw3 Moderator Staff Member SuperMod

    i haven't found a copy of rei's for 1.7.2 yet
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  3. Draklen

    Draklen Kalanbels' Slave Premod

    Still waiting for Forge to be updated. It's a pretty complex update. Most mods can't update until Forge does.
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  4. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Thanks guys, please post back here if you see the Rei/Forge update first

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