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    YES my fiends, place your ideas here for consideration or feel free to PM me.

    There WILL be some serious changes in town.

    I will offer you a few teasers just to get you thinking...
    ------> Land plots pricing will be increased dramatically, you need to WANT it. Increasing land value price based off of location, amenities, and appeal. Going from the rate of ~250 to at cheapest 5,000. ​
    • Reasoning: Want and demand. I want to motivate players to WANT that beautiful 4 chunk plot of land nestled in the wooded cover at the foot of that peaceful lake... or that beach front property overlooking the busy harbor of ships hustling and bustling about... Or that city villa right next to your best friend where you are always going to party at.

    ------> Jobs: I would like to give people responsibilities so they can interact with other players in a more... town like fashion. Members will be given a job, anything really. From the Nether-wart Tender to the Noob-Acquaintance Committee... =] This will be a exploratory adventure that incorporates what you already are doing and like doing and giving it a fresh way of thinking about it.
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