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    New town builds ideas

    A place to put down our ideas and brainstorm as we have just talked about it in teamspeak and stuff.

    So after 1.7 comes we are starting new. We get to bring what we can carry in our inventories, enderchests, and vchests.

    So im bringing valubles and not worrying about building mats.

    After we find a nice new biome or somewhere we like.

    We will have a common area to plop down our chests which will be claimed and sealed. This will be our starting /t spawn

    We will have little village of chunks also so we can have personal houses as we build our first walled in area. Which will be all measured and plotted out for a residential section like usual.

    We were also talking about having like a skyscraper district which can be like 9 chunks each plot.

    Brainstorm on themes and what you want our town to be like and what you think we will need to build.
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  2. masterw3

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    yea, thinking of a CITY this time around.
    we'll start out with an NPC Village, slap up a wall around it, each person gets a chunk.
    We'll have the basics, farm, barn for our animals, stables, etc.
    and set up a vault system.
    We'll stockpile resources, and start building walls for the residential district.
    we need to be organized, and stick to the plot plans.
    thinking of 3x3 chunk plots for the skyscraper center of town, if you have a lot of materials saved, and have time to complete the build, you can get one of these plots.
    all around the skyscraper section, we will have our standard 2x2 chunk plot system like we have in North Eden now.
    following the terrain, not flattening.
    Farms and the like will be on the outer edge, outskirts.
    we can set up a central park and Town Hall in the center of it all.
    With the skyscrapers around that.
    (thinking of New York's central park)

    The walls we build will be mostly Glass.
    this way we can see out, others can see in.
    with decorative design at corners and every few chunks.
    at first though,. just a solid glass wall, it cannot be laddered.
    possibly a one or two wide pit to bedrock around the outer edge of the wall, so we can seal up those damn cave systems.

    Build Permissions:
    We will use the Plot System with towny, instead of personal claims.
    Taxes will be set so that it is affordable, and self sustainable.
    You will only be able to build in your plot space, except when we are building our town things.
    This way, once the walls are sealed, they will STAY SEALED.
    no more newblings poking a hole in the wall letting in raiders.
    or building things over the wall, on the wall, etc. causing raid problems.

    once the residential area is complete, anyone that wishes to keep their previous NPC Style home can.
    The Former NPC Style part of town will then become our PUBLIC part of town.
    we can set up shops to sell our wares to others there.
    and public entertainment will be there as well.
    we can build an arena, rides, sports places, etc.
    (all builds outside the walls CANNOT BE TALL! or close to the City's Residential District Walls!)
    if you want to build something BIG .. do it AWAY from town, we don't want enemies laddering up and knockbacking into town from them.. OR constantly building the walls taller and taller and taller and taller because someone has a hankering to hit the sky limit.

    Inside the Town Hall will be a alist of Members, each with his own sign with name, date and head.
    if the person is NOT on this board, they do NOT get into the residential area.
    all visitors must stay in the PUBLIC part of town, not the resisntial district.
    if you plan to have guests and friends over.. keep your original House in the NPC Style place that you start in.

    Location for town.
    possibly a plains, or hills, so that horses will spawn nearby.
    a good spot might even have a lake.
    might even be a desert (no rain), we can always dirt the whole thing, and that WOULD give us the glass we need for the walls.
    But wherever we choose, it will most likely start out as a natural NPC Village (DON"T KILL THEM)
    Trading with NPC's is a good way to get some things.
    Grinders... build NO GRINDERS near town..
    They must be built AWAY from town, so that the chunk(s) will not be loaded by anyone in town (out of sight on FAR RENDER DISTANCE.
    All grinders should be built to be able to be turned OFF, with a KILL Switch in case of over population.
    This often means to be able to turn OFF the water, PLUG the Drop Hole(s).
    In the creature collection area, something that will terminate all life (or unlife) in the catcher.
    That way if something got out of hand, a mod or another person can hit a button, and save the day/server.

    Plant Farms, we will need two farms, and I recommend each person have a small farm level in one of their basement levels as backup.
    Animal Farms, we will want two animal farms, each with about 20 of each animal for starters, MooShrooms, Sheep (white), Pigs, and a Chicken Farm.
    Maybe build a barn, have horse stalls on the ground level, horse breeding in the basement, and a level under that each for the mooshrooms, pigs, etc (so raiders can't kill them off).
    1 Sheep farm at the edge of town, underground, maybe under the barn too, maybe elsewhere, 10 of each color, like now, though i'm wondering if that might be the reason for the lag spike as you approach the town hall, when the sheep and other animals all load at the same time.
    Maybe we should think about the Animal Part of the farm a bit then, decide how to tackle it.
    Might have it completely separate from the town area just for that purpose.

    Watch Towers, will be placed around the wall tops, every few chunks, within compass distance, for scouting for enemies and defence.
    we will probably do some through town as well, in case we DO have to fight off enemies that get in.

    Post Office.
    We will build a post office in the Public part of town, so that others can deliver goods to our residents.
    a trapped chest on the ground floor, accessible by anyone.
    a hopper leading down to a chest in the basement which will ONLY be accessible by teleport for Residents to retrieve their mail/packages.
    We can do a Post office for the residential district as well, so members can deliver to members at any time.

    each town member should have a Trapped Chest on the edge of his property, with a hopper underneath it (ground level) leading to a chest below that (at least 1 block under the surface) which would be accessible to the plot owner in their basement only.
    This way you could stop and drop a few stacks of something off in Maddie's box, and it would be pumped below to her basement, and if we got raided, the only thing they could access would be the top chest, but it is empty. I think maybe two people in our current town have a mailbox like this. and it's handy. The same design will be used at the Post Office.

    the roads will be an entire chunk, design to be determined, but similar to now, centered on the chunk.
    But for the plots, instead of 2 plots by 2 plots (4x4 chunk blocks) we may up that to increase capacity to 4x8 chunk blocks (2x2 plots, 2 plots wide, 4 plots long).
    not everyone will get a corner plot that way, but it's more cost effective than the current layout.
    eventually, but not right away due to iron cost, we will install a railway system, where people can take a minecart to one of a few spots in town.
    those spots will have a minecart that will return you to the Town Hall or Rail Station.

    If we get an Oceanside area.. we want to build docks, and ships...
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  3. Kalanbel

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    Wow.. :D I think Master is excited about this!.... Nice list!
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  4. masterw3

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    we think the residential District will be a bit away from the NPC Village part of town, to give it room to grow, and a buffer space (no build zone).
    Just like the last one, it grew quickly, and ran into the Residential Walls. It was my favorite place to be back then. I hardly ever went into the residential area.
    It felt so much like a town out there.
    Inside the walls was more of a display case.

    our current Residential area though is packed with stuff, in a way the new world will be great, since we are running out of plots for the new members already.
    We have so many amenities, and 2 or 3 of each.
    People wanted to build a farm, or a this or a that, even though we had several of them already.
    we could use some of that stuff in the public part of town, outside the walls.
    set up a horse breeder and merchant out there, Steakhouse, Bar B Q Shack, KFC, etc.
    and still have the main town animal farms in the residential district, far from the reaches of raiders.

    though we will need some booby trap houses...
    so if we DO get some raiders.. they die...
    but killing someone in full diamond feather falling acrobatic go go gadget spring shoe gear will need a little more persuading to die, so you'll need more than just a drop and some of this or that.
    let em have it.. hard core.
    Mr Sheep survived a stack of TnT under his feet AND a fall to bedrock, with another half stack in the bottom... though Energester's house barely survived the blast...when my house went tssSSsZzzsszt BOOM!

    they will need to appear occupied and used.
    and sneaky as possible, but not to damage a neighbor's property.
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  5. KiadajTheBeast

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    Very well thought out and described, I like it. I wish you all the best of luck on your ideas and plans for the new world.

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