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    We have a pretty fair set of rules on the server, and it is important that all players follow them to the best of their abilities.

    • No impersonating staff.
    • If you have the ability to use colored /nick, you may use any color you like, including those used by staff, but do not attempt to falsely represent yourself as another player or a staff member. Ex: do not use "Admin", "Owner" "Moderator", etc. in your nickname.
    • Banter is okay, but harassment is not.
    • Arguing your case with staff is fine, but abusing staff is not.
    • No spam.
    • Don't advertise other servers in general chat, please. It's rude!

    • Build anywhere you're physically allowed unless it's an obvious exploit.
    • Break NPC structures if you want, but don't tear down huge walls, etc., even if they are server-generated. This applies to roads too. Please leave them there for other players to enjoy using!
    • Do NOT grief player structures. (Placing blocks everywhere, tearing their stuff down, etc.)
    • Do not block or trap in server waypoints.

    • If you can access a chest anywhere on the server, you can take its contents and keep them. This includes chests in any player-built structures. If it's not claimed and you can open chests, you can loot them.
    • If a player-built structure is unclaimed, you may not break blocks that are a part of the structure. This includes griefing their yard, garden, etc. within reason. Please be respectful!
    • If you see an NPC structure with a sign that says "___'s House" that makes it obvious a player is living there, do not tear the structure down or otherwise grief it. You may still loot chests if the structure is unclaimed.
    • To check logs for blocks to see who broke/placed, use the /co i command. Left and right click with an empty hand to read log data.
    • If you have any questions about what is player-made or any other questions about raiding, please ask staff. They will be more than happy to help you.
    • No hacked clients. If you don't know if your client mod is allowed, ask us!
    • If you are aware of an exploit/glitch, you are obligated to report it to staff. If a member of staff is not online, send mail using the following: /mail send punkae {your message here}
    • If you are found abusing exploits that are obvious and maliciously used, you will receive a ban immediately, no warnings. Minimum ban for this is 1 week; a 3rd strike is always permanent.
    • If you are found sharing active exploits with other players, you may receive an immediate [up to] permanent ban.
    • If you aren't sure if something is intentional or an exploit, just ask staff! They'll help you out and really appreciate your honesty!
    • Remember, good behavior is rewarded! :meow<3:
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