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Discussion in 'Main (Survival)' started by WhiskeyCoffee, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Well we're on the verge of a new world. The flames are dieing and the Phoenix is about to rise once again.

    What are people thoughts about having a live map. You know the sort I mean? It's basically an isometric (kinda 3d view) of the surface of the world from above.

    To quote Masters, it like a Satellite view of the land from high up.

    Any surface building will be plain to see. You will be able to see the layouts of towns and their walls. You can judge distances, say from Spawn to Draco's under built sheds ( ;) )

    Some say the trouble with this is it gives PvP'ers an advantage. Allowing them to home in on targets efficiently and gives them an idea of potential weaknesses. That is true.

    I think this adds to the excitement of playing Minecraft on a Survival PvP server.

    Myself... I'm a builder, through and through. I have to gather resources in fear of being killed and my inventory looted. I have to design my builds securely so as not to allow raiders easy access to my stuff.

    If I simply wanted to build stuff, stand back and say to evryone, 'Hey look, isn't this cool?' I would join a purely creative server.

    In survival, where you mine (earn) your building blocks, at risk form being attacked, you end up with a much more greater sense of accomplishment.

    What are YOUR thoughts?

    I haven't made this into a poll (yet) I would much rather people give there point of views on the subject. Debate the idea, then if Cass agrees we can have a poll on it later.
  2. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    Against the idea here. No one needs an overhead advantage. Last iteration I put a town vault far far away and not a single foreign log was found. Eden, for example, was a huge town. Very intricate. Abyss, too. If you didn't know your way around you would get easily lost, and that is okay. I for one am rather secretive and would prefer that my layouts, builds, and other things not be seen from above.

    If you want your build to be seen by others, we can use a "survival builds" section of the forum or something. Since this is a survival PvP server, we shouldn't give unnecessary advantages to everyone in the form of land layouts. No one needs a satellite view of the way my fortress or my town are laid out.

    Some players prefer peaceful solitude way out far. They can't enjoy this if I can spend two minutes looking at a map and come find them. I understand a heightened element of risk, but a satellite map is not what we need at all.
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  3. Sairivon

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    In such a massive world, it can be difficult to come by civilization outside of spawn.
    While this would help in connecting players server-wide, it also gives overly-aggressive/grudge-bearing players a grand chance to hunt/harass on foreign turf.
    It's one thing to hunt in Disposal Worlds. Everyone has to go there at some point, and homes cannot be sustained.
    But a map made so you can stalk people in the Main World? No thanks.
    I remember a server or two that had a "satellite map," and it didn't bode too well for anybody who wasn't in a PvP guild, or known for PvP themselves.
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  4. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    Yes.. having a dynamap (or other map) has it's advantages and dis-advantages. I recall that one reason why we don't (or didn't) have it is because it was coded poorly and caused our server to lagg. I personally would like to have a map that way I can see all these awesome creations. Yes it does give a raider some advantage. But also allows builders to see where the less populated areas of the map are.

    If we do choose to get a map.. I vote that it not be a live map. Maybe update it once a month.
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  5. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    Hunting players is ok.. As long as you don't break the rules.
    (Snippit of the rules)
    You May Not:
    • Set your mark on any land that isn’t yours or that you aren’t added to purposefully in order to return somewhere fast.
    • Camp another player(s)
    *Camping is defined as loitering in someone else’s area long after you have determined that there is currently no legal way in, in order to intimidate or irritate them, wait for them to accidentally let you in, or pressure them to leave or logout. If you can’t get in and they ask you to go away, just do it. Waiting around someone’s home, land, build site, town, etc. for over 10 minutes will get you in trouble if you’ve been asked to go away. Likewise, loitering for short periods of time and returning excessively to “avoid” camping will also get you in trouble just the same. When trying to determine whether or not you are camping, keep in mind the golden rule: Don’t be a jerk. If you are being a jerk, you are likely camping, and you should leave before you get banned.
  6. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    A monthly update to a static map doesn't help. Players can still gain an advantage vet others regarding their structures. If you want players to be able to see your build, we can create a massive gallery of photos, or a bunch of threads in a forum subsection or something. Otherwise we don't need the map, it'll do more harm than good.
  7. masterw3

    masterw3 Moderator Staff Member SuperMod

    i think a dynamic map of the OLD world once it hits creative would be great.

    the survival world, not so much, but I wouldn't mind seeing a hand drawn map.. in a classic lord of the rings/oblivion style though.
    you have some very dedicated PvPers here.. if they want to find you.. they will find you.
    there is locate, insider info, trackers to hire (using locate), and your name can be seen through a LOT of stone.
    you are actually easier to find than you know.

    can't tell you how many times I've been under the hunting dogs (might be a good mod concept.. hunting dogs to sniff out a trail).
    but I cannot tell you my secrets for getting away.. because they would know my sneaky sneaky ways if I did.
    ALWAYS be on your toes, listen intently, look at your surroundings.. take precautions and make your surroundings known in your head.. so you are fully aware of where people will come from.

    I should stop there.. as the rest is pure survival trade secrets.
    in the end, the result is the same.. don't die.
    [SLAP} bigbone
  8. bigbone131

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  9. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    Some good points made, definitley sloping towards a 'no thanks' to a live map.

    I would definitley be against it if it caused lag, crikey, 1.7.2 seems to be more laggy in it's self on my machine.

    Some nice tips there Masters, 'Always be on your toes' ? Heh, doesnt holding shift make you crouch and disable your name tag ? ;)
  10. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    I'd be okay with this if we could "fog" over parts of the map, similar to undiscovered areas on maps in game like Skyrim or World of Warcraft. That way I could cloud my entire town and then some, just to keep it all safe.
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  11. WhiskeyCoffee

    WhiskeyCoffee Chain Saw Pick Powered

    heh, every one head for the Fog :)
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  12. zference

    zference Bettercraft OG

    It's okay if you find me. You just won't want to.
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  13. bigbone131

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  14. WhiskeyCoffee

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    lel? Less energetic laughter ?

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  15. energester

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    id prefer having a map dont care much for how dynamic it is. People will just find everywhere by locating and placing a home nearby anyway. They will know the surrounding area better than you over time most likely. Seeing the placement of a few buildings inside walls is not gonna inprove their raiding capability unless you have made a big mistake. If they got in the walls they would most likely see that anyway.

    Maybe not have a map right away so people can build until they are less vulnerable but locating will still find people. Uts not like there are many secrets to be kept and just make a covering over sensitive areas you dont want someone to see.

    Im all for a map in any form. It doesnt have to be real time or anything. Like a update every week or something. its been over a year and I really really miss it.
  16. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator

    I REALLY miss a map too.
    I understand the fear a lot of you have, I promise it is not quite as much of a big deal as you think.
    Plus it fucking awesome. PROMISE. <--
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