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    As you wander, lost in this vast world, you come upon a path where the trees grow gnarly and the road curves awkwardly. Grass rustles on your side as you turn your head to look. A sharp pain scatters across the back of your skull as you collapse.

    Waking up, you find yourself in a cold chamber. Stone walls surround you, blood splattered up the sides. Attempting to move, the chains keep you attached to the table. Your noise alerts a nearby presence. The shadows in the room scatter as a figure hovering in the corner lifts its head. The room is pitch black, save for a light emanating from a rusty lantern sitting on the table near the figure. The figure stretches back, standing up straight if only for a moment before returning to its resting hunch. It reaches for the lantern, letting the light float across its tattered robes. A skeletal hand gingerly grips the rusty lantern, and with great strain, the figure turns to face you. It pauses, breathes in and exhales slowly as it moves toward you. It sets the lantern next to you, and you can barely make out the bony features of its face.

    It raises its hand and brings it down across your face swiftly. Shouting at you in a hoarse, yet deeply powerful voice, "You didn't listen!." Judging by the voice, you guess this was once a man. He sighs, and looks at you again. "Why did you come out here? You were warned to not chase after the One Light! Still though, if you intentionally ignored my advice, you must have some sense or none at all."

    You fight the chains again, rocking the table slightly as you yell at him, "Who are you, where are we?!"

    He looks at you from under his hood, face avoiding the lantern's light. "You needn't know who I am. Know that I lead this forsaken land, and thrive within it. This, land, you're in, can be known as 'Kurai Tochi,' or, 'Dark Land,' for it is plagued by darkness. Great warriors have fallen in these fields and... fertilized... the ground. You can still hear them suffer. There was once a great manor atop a powerful mountain. It has fallen into disrepair, and later, rubble. While it stood, many souls were stolen and wrapped into this land.

    Enough history though. It is now a fortress to keeps fools such as yourself out. You could call this a 'town.' That's what everyone else used to call it, anyways. There are supplies, homes for our eh.. residents. Everything to make a 'town.' Except life. You will find none of that here. If you leave this room, you will find yourself on the ground outside the keep. The exit is a short walk away."

    His gaze lingers on you before turning to the exit tunnel. He speaks, but not to you. "Do not make eye contact with anything around, even if it seems friendly. Do not stare. Do not hesitate. Just keep moving forward." His gaze looks at you once more, "I'll release you, so long as you leave and not return. If you choose to come back when the light is absent, heavens help you. I will take that as your choice in your decision and you will become a resident like the others."

    The figure undoes the chains, and offers you a small vial filled with barely any water. Lifting a bony arm, he points a rotted finger at the doorway and stares at you with empty eyes. Heart pumping, you roll off the table, weaker than you imagined yourself to be. You pick up your belongings and move as quickly through the tunnel as you can. The light blinds you as you exit and regain a little strength. Seeing the gate in the distance, you rush towards it as the shadows rush around you. Navigating through the gate, you run outside, growing more and more weary until you collapse just outside the walls. Rolling on your back, you see a large brazier illuminating the entrance to the gate tunnel, and the fortress walls that stretch around it. In a heavy state of breathing, you push yourself onto shaking legs and move away from Kurai Tochi.


    Enough lore for now. Kurai is the new incarnation of the previous town of Hisan. We offer similar benefits as other towns: shelter, food, supplies, and a safe haven. However, entrance is not free. We're a dedicated PvP town looking for like-minded players. You must have some level of proficiency in PvP. If you do not, your only other option is to consistently supply the fighters of the town.


    --Betrayal is unforgivable. Sabotage and underhandedness within the town fall under this.
    --Do not break blocks, do not steal items without permission, and generally use your head. If you have to ask yourself "Is this okay?", it probably isn't.
    --Consult me with questions.
    --Don't be a total dumbass. Mistakes can be made, but not consistently.
    --Adhere to all server rules. Do not try to bend them.

    We do have some measure of PvP etiquette. While most of us are remorseless and unforgiving, we provide leeway.

    --Do not 'loot grief' players. Take only items of value or immediate use to you. Leave things like iron tools and wood pieces and sticks behind, for example. Do not burn chests of items on the ground.
    --If you lose, you lose. Do not cheat, do not hack.
    --Besides the above there are no rules for combat. The end justifies the means: win.
    --Respect those you fight. Even if they are rude, do not stoop to their level. Trash talk is acceptable, but anything excessive is not to be tolerated.

    Living Situations:

    Based on how well I know you will determine how large your plot of land is within the walls. All new players start at 1x1 chunks. Long time community members begin with 2x2. Confirmed PvP'ers recieve 3x3 max. If you need more, or would like a separate space, contact me.


    Send me a detailed forum PM regarding what you want in your play experience and in a town. We'll go from there.

    Regarding discipline:

    If you are banned from the server, I understand. It happens. I was once too. I won't fault you for it first time around. However, if it continues, appropriate action must be taken.

    Looking to help the town but not interested in joining?

    Talk to me, we'll work something out.



    How do I apply?

    Read this thread in its entirety. Yes, lore too.

    It's too long to read.

    Too bad.

    I PvP'ed a lot on [x server] and am really good with potions!!

    Moving on. If your only skill is "potions," I'm afraid your skillset is not diverse enough.

    Where is 'Kurai Tochi'?

    Not to be disclosed publicly.

    What were you banned for?

    Talk to me personally.

    Are you really that good a PvP'er?


    I heard you're a bit of an asshole, is that true?

    Extremely true.


    Please use the town thread to discuss anything and everything relating to Kurai Tochi (Kurai for short), or their members. Applications will not be accepted if posted here.
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    Very nice bit of lore, zference! Made for an interesting read and hopefully an interesting 'town' in the future. :meow:
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    Ranking Structure:


    Myself. All decisions are ultimately up to me. Town direction, organization, and related are up to me. My word is law, and my fist is iron. However...


    Advisors are not second in command, nor do they hold any real decision making power. Their word and advice is, however, taken into great consideration when making decisions about what is best for the town.


    Not quite ready for the Advisor position, Coordinators are recognized, upstanding members of the town whom I and the other Advisors trust to have a position of mild authority. Often times, they'll be confirmed PvP'ers.

    Town Member:

    Everyone else.


    Most players will start at the bottom of the totem pole, and work their way up as they exist in town. It's not based on time, and promotions may or may not be common. Some players will start as Coordinators or Advisors, but these are often long time community members or other players I've known for a fair amount of time.

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