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    goaliebw Co-founder of Ardmore, Trusted, and Cass' favorite

    Ardmore comes from the Irish: meaning "great height"
    Our town will be following a unique style which will offer a new variety for community member choices. While Dayren and myself, goalie, are the founding members, it is the Council of Six that will as a group make most major choices for the town.
    We look forward to seeing how our town will grow

    Town Rules
    • Follow the server rules.
    • No raiding, blundering, or killing (unless dueling) other townies.
    • Do not let outside members in the town, unless they are a town friend.
      • If you have people to add to list of town friends please ask.
    • Walls are to be left untouched, unless making repairs.
    • Do not raid friends of the town.
    • When you do raid, be professional about it.
      • There is a big difference between raiding and being a dick. Don’t be a dick.
    • Gates are there for a reason, use them. Do not go through the wall.
    • No raging and shit talking on the forums and directly attacking other members of the community will not be accepted. let's have some class.
    **Breaking and not following server and town rules can have consequences.*
Thread Status:
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