I'm on the survival server NOW!

Discussion in 'Main (Survival)' started by WhiskeyCoffee, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Former <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    I can help take some of the hours of worldediting for you Cass .. just tell me what you need done
  2. ZamOfDarkness

    ZamOfDarkness Trusted

    just wanted to say...




    AND first?
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  3. Sairivon

    Sairivon Keepin' folks in line. Staff Member Moderator

    Spectacular rose garden.

    That's truly a first that I've ever seen underground.
    Hope it wasn't man-made.
  4. ZamOfDarkness

    ZamOfDarkness Trusted

    does it work with woman-made?
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  5. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    You're a sneaky one >.> <.<
  6. Magiccat13

    Magiccat13 Member

    I've been logging in periodically... any idea as to why there is NO ONE else? And... why am I a [guest] again? I was gone for too long, wasn't I? XD
  7. Kalanbel

    Kalanbel Outdoor Enthusiast, Young at Heart Premod

    It may not be the final new world. Cass just got that up and running for derping around until she can get the kinks
    worked out on what will be the real new world. Most of us have stayed away because logging on causes us to loose
    things in our inventory & enderchests that may not be recoverable if we do. It may not be recoverable anyway but
    we're holding off just in case. Hope that answers!
  8. ZamOfDarkness

    ZamOfDarkness Trusted

    oh I didnt know that our stuff might be accecable if we logged on :x
  9. Kalanbel

    Kalanbel Outdoor Enthusiast, Young at Heart Premod

    Yea, Draklen discovered this first when he first logged onto this new temporary world. He lost all his gear he was wearing, his inventory
    and his enderchest worth of stuff. It's still unclear whether those of us who haven't logged on will retain it.. that's something Cass
    has been working on behind the scenes.
  10. ZamOfDarkness

    ZamOfDarkness Trusted

    oh, I thought it was because cass hasn't figured out how to transfer inventory data yes :P
  11. masterw3

    masterw3 Moderator Staff Member SuperMod

    just a test/plaything for us to get us used to 1.7.2 world, explore, shred monsters, etc

    get screenshots of any cool stuff you do or make.. for braging rights

    AWESOME work zam.
    I'm still huddled in a hole trying to get my food supply going.
    thought of heading to the nether, but I still need to get secured first.

    ..and to make sure everything works as expected to, know what doesn't, etc.
  12. ZamOfDarkness

    ZamOfDarkness Trusted

    Hmm, I wonder if anyone looked closely at the pictures… because if you do you can spot 2 unusual things :P

    1 the stronghold is underwater. You can see it through the iron bars. That it kinda rear I think :P

    2. There are two ender dragons!!! O.o

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