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Discussion in 'Main (Survival)' started by Punkae, Jul 7, 2013.

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  1. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    If you find a glitch with the /sell system, you should NOT abuse it.

    Bottom line is, you guys should tell me about glitches because it's what is right and fair. I will, however, give about 10 sponges on average (maybe a few more) if you report a glitch issue that has not been reported, is a real issue, and that I resolve.

    Those who have been abusing the glitch with ironfences and even talked to each other about it will be fined and not have your sold items returned. If this happens again, next time it will be a ban.

    Just as a heads up, if you know the price of an ingot is $26/ea and a fence costs 6 to return 16, the sell price for an iron fence should be exactly $9.76.

    Those who sold them when they were $155 today... you KNOW that you were doing something that was a glitch. You should be lucky you aren't being punished more harshly. For shame on those who are older players that have taken advantage of this. It may result in the loss of Trusted status in the future.

    Yes, for those who need telling, things that completely break the economy are considered glitches. Something that INCORRECTLY gives you way more than it should is a glitch, and the right thing to do is report this. Consider this your first and final warning.

    Also, a very big thank you to the person who did not abuse this.

  2. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    To preemptively cut down silly arguments that I know are going to try to be made to save the butts of those who have abused:
    • If you correct my math all the time (applies to one abuser), then surely you would have noticed that something which should reward around $10 was giving $155, more than 10 times the LEGITIMATE amount.
    • A glitch is defined as something that isn't supposed to happen.
    • Taking advantage of any and all glitches is ILLEGAL.
    • Be lucky you are not all banned.
    • F.Y.I. This put me in a bad mood.

    As a side note, when I scout for errors in console, what I do NOT want to see is a group of people abusing something. This really ticks me off. This is NOT okay to do, for those who might have been previously "confused". To those who abused: You should have higher standards than that.
  3. Dragonern3

    Dragonern3 Yo, What's up? :P

    im going to say Sorry for this is because of me..

    i found out it was 155$ and because i was dumb, i kinda abused it and earned some money, i was not sure if it was legal, so i got all the money still from it..

    and i agree i told some people about it, and that was because i wanted to kinda pay them back after they helped me..

    i was not sure if it was permitted so i said in msg: I can give you a tip how to earn money but i dont know if it is allowed
    I asked an older ''trusted'' member, and he said: It's allowed

    so then i thought it was allowed...

    if you want to take my money back, it's around 220.000$
  4. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    I took the money out of your town and personal bank combined. I thank you for your apology and want to make sure you know I appreciate you being mature about this. I think I am mostly disappointed that a good example was not set for new members here by an old and knowledgeable member. I know we all have our slip-ups though, so no hard feelings (well, my pork is a little salty right now)... just... don't do it again. Far better to be on the good end of that bargain, rather than having your money taken, not getting your items back, and/or getting banned. xD
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  5. goaliebw

    goaliebw Co-founder of Ardmore, Trusted, and Cass' favorite

    Drag had informed me that this was a great way to make money. I go ahead and turn a stack of iron blocks into iron fences and boom money. it seemed like lots of money, but considering that I had just used a lot of materials I didn't really think much of it.

    Drag then went to ask me if this was legal or not, knowing that you had set the prices Cass, I had told him that yes it was. This is only knowing that these prices are what you had set it to.

    What was going through my mind was not "well a stack of ironblocks is 576 ironore which each sell for $26.,, blahblahblah" What I saw was a nice way to make money. Just like how turning wood, sugarcane, and leather in to bookshelves is a nice way to make money. That there has over 200% return.

    My assumptions were that you had set the prices and that these are the prices that they should be. You're right, looking at the return for this, it's a little absurd. But you thinking that we meant to take advantage of this is as well.
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  6. energester

    energester ๘ĘήĘŗۜﻖёڴτέя๖ت☻ ┌╦ۜ╤─ Staff Member Moderator

    tsk tsk :/
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  7. Whizzba

    Whizzba [Ahri's]

    I didn't part take in this :D
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  8. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    A "great" and illegitimate way to make money... I mean, come on, goalie. I'm not trying to harp on anything here, but it's kind of obvious to me that you abused something that was blatantly a mistake. You aren't fooling me for a second by saying that you "didn't notice" it was rewarding over 10x what it should have.

    Essentials has a default config of the items' worth in game. I did not agree with/like a lot of the prices for this because some of them made little to no sense. Among the list of things I edited to suit our economy's needs, there were a few things I accidentally missed. Iron fences were among those few things. Rails were another that were recently fixed. Please, in the future, if something that is crafted is worth 10x what its raw mats are worth, please report it rather than abuse it. I'd go so far as saying you should report it if it's 2x what the raw mats are. Generally, things will be pretty even unless they are potions (going to take into account brewing time, etc).

    I should not have to tell old members of the community that getting 10x+ extra return on an item is a glitch. I should not be wasting my time dealing with this kind of stuff at all. I have an update to 1.6 to finish and a new multi server system to finish working the kinks out of. You guys need to be on top of your game, so I can be on top of mine. If you all want the best possible support and fastest work from me, you need to not make me waste my time on crap like this. I'm srs.

    And that's about all I have to say about that.
  9. goaliebw

    goaliebw Co-founder of Ardmore, Trusted, and Cass' favorite

    Only because you say it is.

    There is a reason why many older members are leaving, quitting staff roles, and simply moving on. Start treating the people trying to stick around and make this a better place a little better. I've been clean on this server from the beginning and every time that I have seen something that isn't right, I've always told you. I do not appreciate this Cass.

    And instead of talking to the players who did do this and settling it like that, you make a big display about it. That's not being a good leader.

    I'm out.
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  10. Punkae

    Punkae Moody goth, artist, writer, insomniac Staff Member [______________________]

    It's not intended. It isn't a sell price that makes any sense, and therefore it is illegitimate. I'm sad to see some people go, quit, move on, etc.

    I have never been anything but nice.... I have my moments when I am grumpy, but I honestly view the lot of you as my friends. I have no reason to be purposefully mean to you, okay. I want to put that out in the open. Do not appreciate what, specifically? You made 230k off of about 18k worth of materials, and you're angry that I've called it out as being illegitimate?

    Goalie, I like you. You're a nice guy. I think of you as a friend like most people here. I don't want you angry at me, but you have to see it from my perspective too. Allowing people to 'get away' with abusing accidentally unbalanced things is something that can create an even larger rift between older players and newer ones on this server. The rich get richer, and the poor are left behind with less and less tools and gear in comparison. I'm only trying to play the advocate of what's fair and balanced here.

    I am getting frustrated about this. I took your money and made a post warning all members that this is not something I appreciate... and I wanted to let those who are new and honestly don't know any better that it's not an appropriate way to make cash on the server.

    I didn't mention your names out of respect for your privacy. Quite frankly, this was not me making a big deal of it. This was me making it known that this isn't legitimate and letting people know for the future so that they can have knowledge that can protect them from a ban if they didn't understand it until now.

    It's also a fair warning to everyone who plays on the minecraft server that I am looking out for the fairness of gameplay here and will go at length to make sure things are balanced and not being abused. I'm trying to do my job here as the leader.

    Goalie. I am very sorry and sincerely apologize if I have offended you. I do not mean to deny any due respect to you. You are a great person and a valued friend/member of the community. I hope you accept my apology on behalf of my... over excited and coarse behavior. I don't want you to think that I am mean. I don't want you to think I don't care. I do care. I have noticed people leaving, and whether or not that has anything to do with me (I don't know if it does, as no one has talked to me about it), I would like to make a point of telling you that I don't want to drive people away. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    Now, let's have a clear understanding of what's fair, right, and okay for the future... and I hope you take my apology because I don't feel like starting stuff with people in the community, whether it's over a legitimate issue or not. >_<

    I would be bored, sad, and most likely lonely without you guys. I really hope you don't think I would ever be mean to you on purpose. I just got my nickers in a twist over this is all. I was trying to do work and raged when I got interrupted by something I perceived as a very obvious glitch. If you didn't mean to take advantage of it as a glitch, then I should accept your statement, and we should move onto bigger, brighter, and more important things, I suppose. Good things, I hope.

    Again, I apologize for my attitude but hope you get my underlying point.

    <3 ?
  11. Maxxymus

    Maxxymus Master of League of Legends

    "You should be lucky you aren't being punished more harshly. For shame on those who are older players that have taken advantage of this."

    Like you haven't abused anything before, everyone has at some point whether they knew or didn't, the responsibility is with the person who allowed the exploit to exist.

    "Be lucky you are not all banned."

    Whats luck got to do with it? Why aren't they banned?

  12. bigbone131

    bigbone131 Nipple Master

    You know me 420 glitch it.
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  13. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Former <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    Let me start off with this. Apparently my definition of a glitch differs from Cass's.

    I see this as an unfortunate configuration oversight. While the config has been corrected and the issue corrected. I don't believe this is a bannable offense. <Granted I'll comply with the wishes of my Admin>

    I recall that this plugin and it's item prices was posted in a forum thread shortly after it's activation. I can't recall the thread and I know it's been months. The item prices have been occasionally tweaked as time went on. I also recall this plugin was mentioned during a meeting in the last month or so and that the price list was being reviewed. I thought by Cass and a Trusted member. I apologize if my memory fails me on that.

    Now.. For those whom used this. I understand where they are coming from. But 155 per fence does seem high. And I've heard of others gathering rails from abandoned mines to sell for good money and I didn't think to even check the price/Matts comparison. I was under the same impression that this was config'd by Cass.

    Either way.. moving forward.. If the item price list isn't being reviewed, I'm willing to review it paying close detail to items that are crafted.

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  14. Sairivon

    Sairivon Keepin' folks in line. Staff Member Moderator

    Was going to post about the iron chest plate issue I found yesterday, but I see it's been fixed.
  15. Maxxymus

    Maxxymus Master of League of Legends

    /xprate 999999999
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  16. lamplover17

    lamplover17 Active Member

    for a second i thought this was about real money :O

    and people have been banned for much less than this, its odd that no one is being punished
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  17. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Former <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

    It's not odd. No "glitch" has been abused.
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  18. lamplover17

    lamplover17 Active Member

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  19. Darrington

    Darrington ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Former <SuperMod> Staff Member SuperMod

  20. KiadajTheBeast

    KiadajTheBeast "The Cool Moderator" and Ruler of Kila Staff Member Moderator


    The entire issue as it was, was a accident; it should not of happened (be it the fault of the creator adding in the prices or by fault of the consumer noting the price difference). I agree with removing the sum of money gained by the consumer... but this should also apply to any other faulty money interpenetration resulting in selling to the server - such as with rails. AND they should in FAIRNESS get the said items they "spent" back.

    Some of us knew about this, probably most of us knew. I personally figured that since the price was manually input into the game that it could not be a mistake. To defend my thought process on this - I looked on the tutorial that mentions the prices and... noting that it was wrong, figured that the creator of the plugin/money server system must have updated 1 and not the other and therefore was aware that 1 of them needed to be updated and had yet to do so.

    I agree with a heavy scolding, but mistakes happen.
    The level of rage that happened in this instance was a bit over the top. Most of us are relatively-decent law abiding citizens, and those that are and get unjustly verbally beat upon (especially in public) do not fair well. The fault does not all lie upon the consumer, if it were a truly legitimate glitch then the people at fault would/should of been banned. None of the veterans, trusted, premods or supermods mentioned this issue (until later on), they have an allegiance to their admin and would normally rightfully mention when something is amiss. It can therefore be concluded that if the most loyal of staff/members of the community did not mention the problem, then they did not think it was a problem originally and more than likely did not see this as a true glitch either.

    Because this server is very small, things get VERY personal on here. A certain level of professionalism in matters...particularly in things that go wrong is an absolute must. I have seen you grow as a person cass and everyday you excel more and more in having the correct qualities as an admin and as a leader; but the sheer amount of explosive emotion that can come from events going wrong and expressed to the server in a public setting is not how issues should be handled.
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