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    1. The only time when i was temp-banned was when i was takeing a computer game designing class and my brother went on and killed Aaron

    2.I don't have team speak beacause my laptop's speakers have been used for too log so i cannot hear sound with my computer

    3.I'm 12 years old and have ben playing sceince 1.4.7

    4.Material getting and mindless building.

    5.My building skills are Moderate-Low, as i tend to make blocky structures

    6. I HATE pvp so much :mad: I'm more of a person who likes to use potions more than swords


    8. I would be around five beacause im collecting res. almost all the time ingame.

    9. I would like to be archatecht/loafer

    10. I have built an automated potion brewer in about two weeks, so yes

    11.That I like to hoard meh pet wolfies inside my house and i go into a rage if they are missing/killed :D
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    =] Thank you for your application. I am going to have to extend the time for the application to go through as far as a decision goes for the time being. I am making a announcement in the main thread.

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