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  1. Darrington

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    Ban Reason: Spam/Obscene language
    Server: Phoenix Survival
    Ban Duration: 3years//Perm
    Ban Details: Joined server as new guest. Proceeded to Spam with obscene language
    Attending Staff: Darrington
    Ticket Reference: None
    Additional Action: Cass I had kicked to cease the spam. Could not institute perm ban because he didn't come back. (requires player to be online) So I temp banned for 3 years. (that doesn't require the player to be online) Cass, change ban types if you wish.
  2. Punkae

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    That's an easy perm to fix. I'll have it sorted for you ASAP. :)

    Edit: Fixed, and user was banned!
  3. ihazawolf

    ihazawolf Member

    I am proud to say I'm a witness :rolleyes:

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