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    First two pictures are zoom outs of the second eden you can see dregs greek looking build on the left. Nixxs town at the top. The forest districts sprout to the right. Outer eden in front of the main walls. Zferences build to the top left. The build competitions we would have were the sandstone square borders at the top by the wall. Shadows was just to the right out of the screenshot. Good times. The other two screenshots show the fun times before a wipe in front of old eden where we would all just pvp for hours. The last picture shoes jz running away by the small cobble castle the first thing built when we made "knights forward operating base" We left and created Eden shortly after. Keep in mind this first town was built then a world wipe where we could bring towns and buildings over so its in its second location. We should make an area or cobble town and just do that with all our spare prot 4 and stuff for fun. Ill be starting a little cobble town somewhere close to spawn on the new map.

  2. energester

    energester ๘ĘήĘŗۜﻖёڴτέя๖ت☻ ┌╦ۜ╤─ Staff Member Moderator

    map saved right before wipe
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    That map looks great! :linkclassic:
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