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    Original thread started on 07 Oct 2011. The old thread will be used for archive purposes now. This is a picture of old Eden which lasted 2 maps. doesn't show progress completed the month or two before a wipe.
    Eden on the two maps ago
    Most recent Eden right before the wipe
    Eden has been around on the server for quite a while now (Before Oct 2011) and is constantly evolving to increase the enjoyment that can be had by its members. Many of the 'veteran' members within the town are always available to support and guide new members or just about anyone in the town that
    requires assistance. We pride ourselves on the strong community which we have built and readily regard each other as friends on the server. We are always looking to add new people into our 'family'. If you're interested then please read on to see what benefits can be gained from joining Eden.

    What we have to Offer:
    We obviously can't sum up all of the benefits which can be gained from the town, some of the highlights, however, can be outlined:
    Support from a large community.
    Large free lots available in a variety of sizes. Custom lots for huge builds.
    Town Armory with packages for new recruits. Use of the armory to help equip yourself.
    mob grinders with extensive redstone work and emergency shutoffs. for getting gold and xp.
    mob droppers for materials
    Auto pork cooker building
    Specially built rooms for enchanting and potion making. Stocked with ingredients.
    A large and free to use community plant and animal farms.
    Creative and PvP experiences.
    A town which is safe from raiding.
    Protected Claimed walls to minimize grief and raiders.
    Immunity to attacks from allied towns.
    Support from our allies.
    Pvp arena as well as a Spleef arena.
    Snowball fight game platform
    three tier netherwart farm
    Metro station and extensive underground metro system
    No sexist, racist or discriminating talk.
    Several Outposts. Houses and bases far away from us can be claimed as outposts for protection and fast travel.
    Town Bank with personal vaults
    Several extremely rich players in money and items willing to share
    Post Office with mail boxes for each members
    auto farms
    highly skilled members in redstone circuitry
    mcmmo training areas and vast natural grinder with redstone work and water flow for training pvp skills.
    large tree farm
    Boardwalk and gardens.
    Active members on ts.phoenixrisen.net:7117 Teamspeak (ask for password)
    Community chests and town storage.
    Experienced warriors who can teach you the pvp aspects of the game.
    An interesting and rewarding ranking system.
    Personal and Town only Stargates
    Town warp hub with warps for town members only. So you can fast travel to the different town facilities.
    opportunities to build what you want safely and to help improve the city.
    oldest living town in the community
    A strong town which has won many wars and battles and will live on through the ages

    The Ranking System:
    (Old Needs updates)
    The ranks in Eden primarily revolve around a 'Level' system. Everyone begins at level 10 when they join the town and work their way up the levels
    as they become more trusted and well known in the town. The most trusted members are in the second level and get a place on Eden's Council where
    they vote on important matters regarding Eden whilst trying to think of new ways to improve the town.
    In addition to the levels we also have various titles which will be listed below.
    Each title (excluding the Council) has six levels. The levels are as follows:
    Grand Master
    Each title fits a specific role within the town and yields different rewards for those that hold them.
    Architect: Somebody that is a talented builder and helps with the towns construction projects.
    Supplier: A person that has gathered a large amount of resources for the community storage area.
    Warrior: A talented and distinguished PvP'er.
    Engineer: A person that is exceptionally good with RSD.
    Guide: Somebody that frequently (and effectively) assists new town members.
    Infiltrator: A talented raider.
    Ambassador: Owner/Manager of an Eden controlled town.
    Recruiter: Get five or more people to join Eden (they must fill out an application form and be accepted). Every second person after the fifth
    earns an extra rank in the title.
    Landscaper: Someone who arranges features of the landscape attractively.
    Blacksmith : A member of the town which repairs and creates new gear.
    Alchemist : Potions expert.
    Demolisher : Clear a large amount of land for the town.
    Farmer : Tends to the towns farms and the breeding of animals.
    Miner: Expert in mining and gathering of ores, coal and diamonds.
    Enchanter: Grinds a lot of xp to create awesome enchanted items.
    Helper: A huge help to the town. Always volunteering to do jobs and work for the town.
    Mctop Skills example (Acrobat) : Has a high level in a respected skill. Or are in the top 10 for one or more skills.
    We also use cool, funny, and creative titles in game for nation and town chat. you can have a title and a suffix each which can be 10 letters.

    Members & ranks
    Our members play a lot of different games together if you want to get to know them play on the minecraft servers or join teamspeak which you can download for free. Here is the ip for the teamspeak ts.phoenixrisen.net:7117 If you want a higher rank or a different or unique title ask me. Do some good for the town and show your loyalty and you will move up in ranks fast. Or just ask me and I will move you up. Might not accurately portray your level. Tell me and ill fix it.

    Level 1 : Town Leaders
    energester * (Grand Master Warrior)
    masterW3 (Grand Master Architect)
    Annonny * (Grand Master Engineer)
    AmrothXD (Grand Master Architect)

    Level 2: Council members
    motown2003 * (Grand Master Warrior)
    RoseDiamond * (Grand Master Blacksmith)
    TomboyTechnology * (Grand Master Miner)
    Shalor_Mayko * (Grand Master Engineer)
    Sparta46 * (Grand Master Warrior)
    kaylee_ference * (Grand Master Architect)
    mushywaffle (Grand Master Architect)
    hk47113513 * (Master Architect)
    dropdead06 * (Grand Master Miner)
    rofljonny636 * (Grand Master Architect)
    _Atary * (Grand Master Architect)
    2a5ji1 (Grand Master Supplier)
    d0ub13d (Master Architect)
    Dregamus * (Grand Master Engineer)
    OmegaCenti * (Grand Master Miner)
    pepod * (Master Engineer)
    LochNessa86 * (Grand Master of Cookies)
    Nixxanator * (Grand Master Engineer)
    Buzzin933 * (Grand Master Architect)
    ibbie2010 (Grand Master Architect)
    Rudus (Grand Master Rune Crafter)
    stevefry69 (Grand Master Supplier)
    pfcwelch * (Grand Master Tech)
    gemini2543 * (Master Architect)
    MayAmoHeffe (Grand Master Alchemist)
    Dregamus * (Grand Master Architect)
    Draklen *
    Kalanbel * (Grand Master Angler)
    R2mick (Expert Warrior)
    Boltonhawser *
    Hawaiian_Cutie (Grand Master Helper)
    Spaz64(Grand Master Architect)

    Level 3: Senior members

    Whatamidoin (Grand Master Architect)
    Dig1talCarNage * (Master Warrior)
    left4dead113 * (Grand Master Scout)
    Disturbed_Knight * (Grand Master Warrior)
    miniwarl0rd (Anarchy Ninja Warrior)
    ACleverMuffin (Expert Warrior)


    Level 4: Members

    Level 5: New members

    Level 6: Members of Outer Eden

    Members from the past
    Honorary members of Eden who are no longer with us or who need an invite upon there return. Dear friends who will always be in our hearts. May they never be forgotten, they are all missed (Does not include all):

    Ancient Council members
    whiteisa002 (Grand Master Helper)
    Daniel_93 * (Former Mayor)
    JustTactical * (Grand Master Warrior)
    ONormanO (Expert Blacksmith)
    _Fhoenix_ (Grand Master Architect)
    Reizeld * (Grand Master Architect)
    Rigi0 (Grand Master Guide)
    Sanenet* (Grand Master Architect)
    Rachlulz (Master Architect)
    KILL_IT_013 * (Expert Architect)
    Accused_T3ddy * (Expert Architect)
    KujaChan * (Expert Architect)
    Crenaud * (Journeyman Demolisher)
    afterdark230 * (Journeyman Architect)
    broken_one * (Expert Engineer)
    Zayd98 * (Expert Miner)
    Hollyhood (Grand Master Architect)
    stanrockO * (Grand Master Architect)
    Doctor_Whiteface * (Journeyman Architect)
    SPAZ64 (Fire Chief)
    SpecOps298 * (Grand Master Engineer)
    DrCmAc * (Master Architect)

    Ancient members
    2567910*(Expert Miner)
    AppleJack_AJ (Expert Demolisher)
    mBeatts * (Grand Master Architect)
    Tyran285 * (Expert Miner)
    McAppleJack * (Expert Architect)
    tomtomson (Expert Architect)
    wowitsgreen * (Expert Architect)
    baconboy90 * (Journeyman Supplier)
    BigJigglypuff (Journeyman Architect)
    tombell12 (Journeyman Warrior)
    resistance296 (Journeyman Warrior)
    KosherDillon (Journeyman Architect)
    ShotsFired (Master Engineer)
    Gamagwhar317 * (Journeyman Warrior)
    Kurtgsa * (Expert Architect)
    blazing85 * (Expert Architect)
    anrgycityman * (Journeyman Architect)
    EpicAwsomness (Master Architect)
    Nickza98 (Expert Architect)
    Arrowmarksman (Journeyman Demolisher)
    Solarbear007 * (Journeyman Architect)
    ToyGuns *(Apprentice Infiltrator)
    Ishkatar (Expert Architect)
    xtremedj (Expert Architect)
    exsess (Expert Architect)
    bookmoney1712 (Journeyman Architect)
    lv12345 *
    tehboss56 * (Journeyman Engineer)
    Cheese7431 * (Journeyman Warrior)
    Scorched595 *
    contragnor *
    brianomchugh * (Journeyman Architect)
    dalmus * (Journeyman Architect)
    Callingnick789 (Journeyman Architect)
    Magiccat13 (Journeyman Architect)
    shelbybontke (Journeyman Architect)
    gamerbro64 (Apprentice Engineer)
    PXTR/Stonepuncher * (Journeyman Architect)
    Stlim1 * (Journeyman Architect)
    medbury (Journeyman Warrior)
    Jacob_Keyes (Journeyman Architect)
    IraIraIra (Journeyman Architect)
    Kaelnis234 (Journeyman Architect)
    ambrosia1692 (Journeyman Architect)
    Candy8596 (Journeyman Architect)
    Rainbird02 (Journeyman Architect)
    Maxo89 (Journeyman Warrior)
    Valorcalls *
    Turpinator24 (Journeyman Demolisher)
    nrocmemcorn (Journeyman Architect)
    msbeans451 (Journeyman Warrior)
    ponylover252 (Journeyman Demolisher)
    Sominho (Journeyman Enchanter)
    xokie (Apprentice Infiltrator)
    Former people who lived in Outer Eden

    Lands of Eden:
    City of Eden
    City of Gaia
    Jungle Base
    Mushroom island resort
    Island of Eden
    Western shop Eden area
    Many other structures and homes

    Nation of Eden:
    Eden - Leaders: energester *
    KDRanch -Leaders: Draklen *, Kalanbel *
    Calenarth - Leader: Annonny *
    Wyvernhold - Leader: Dregamus *
    Serenity - Leader: kaylee_ference *
    SocietyofSteam - Leader: Boltonhawser *
    Eagles Landing - Leader: R2mick
    Outer Eden -Leaders: Eden Leaders
    Pre Eden - not yet formed
    If you or your town would like to become a part of the Eden nation please contact us.

    Diplomacy of Eden:
    Friendly:Unless stated by myself or a Level 1 town member you do not attack these people within their towns or raid their towns, PvP out of town is
    allowed however. No killing other members of other towns in the nation unless stated.
    Neutral: Pvp and raiding is allowed. Dick moves and shit talk is not encouraged. Towns may be elevated to Hostile if need be. Any towns not listed are considered neutral
    Hostile: At a state of war. Pvp and raiding is encouraged.

    Kila - Leader: Kiadaj - Friendly
    Abyss - Leader: Cass - Neutral
    Solara - Leader: Darrington * - Hostile

    Friends of Eden:
    Anyone on this list is considered a friend of Eden. Although We have many friends not on this list. If you feel you should be on this list. Or are a friend of energester or a town member, request your name or group be added. We support new towns being formed. If you need any help with that let us know.
    Laenri *
    Bumberfussin *
    Pmac87 *

    Enemies of Eden:
    Anyone on this list is a kill on sight target, trust me, they'll be treating you the same way. Anyone caught aiding these people or anyone else against the
    town will be removed from Eden and then placed on this list.

    thecaptainandy (Betrayer of several people and to the town itself.)
    Hecterminater19 (compromised the town allowing raiding to take place)

    Notable Targets:
    While not officially enemies of Eden, you are advised to be on guard around these people - most of the time they'll kill you if they can.

    goaliebw (Compass User)
    MrBigGuy (Compass User)
    DracoVitai*(Compass User)
    iamliamz *
    shepherd68 *
    Sb79 *(Warpigs)
    jaboc187 *

    Application Form: Fill this out and post it in this topic to join. Or contact a town member in game. If you want to prove your building skills. make a house and show a town member.
    This App may not get you in Its a combo of your deeds, conduct on the server and your skills as a builder and or pvper.
    Our recruiting process is undergoing some changes. For now you have to prove that you would be an asset to our town in game with building a nice house. or with screenshots of your past builds. There are other ways in. Intelligence is a plus and so is being a long time member of the community or being a donor or trusted. Fill in these questions and be as descriptive and honest as you can, we're looking for trustworthy and mature (mentality-wise) members.Copy these questions into a new post with your answers.

    Q: How would you describe yourself as a player in three words?
    Q: Have you got any experience with working as part of a town/group on Minecraft?
    Q: Why do you want to join Eden and how can you help improve the town?
    Q: What would you say you're good at building and what do you want to build?
    Q: Did someone refer you to look into joining Eden?
    Q: How are your PvP skills?
    Q: Roughly how long have you played Minecraft and how long on the Phoenix Risen server?
    Q: Have you read and do you understand of the rules of the server?
    Q: Have you read the rules of the town?
    Provide any additional information...
    Town Rules:
    No killing of another town member unless you agree to a duel. Or you both agreed to train mcmmo skills. No killing allied town members.
    No Breaking blocks to enter or going in another town members buildings unless you have there permission.
    No stealing from town members or the open chests left sitting around town.
    No tunneling horizontally outside of your marked lots. Example: under roads and other lots
    Do not compromise the town in any way. If you are caught doing so you may be kicked and put on a KOS list! No letting anyone in Eden if there not a town member. If your unsure if there a member then you do not have permission to let anyone in. Do not tower over the walls to get in Eden. Do not leave open cave systems into Eden ever. Block off all caves.
    Have fun hope to see you in game
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    What do the stars mean before or after a name and the different colors? o_o You should make a legend for it.
  4. Annonny

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    It shows someones past or additional rank. Colors are same as ranks. Purple, for example, means premium.
  5. Darrington

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    wow.. dat member list soooo needs updated.. :D
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    Pulled straight from the worsecraft website? xD
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    It was updated back in February or so, but then forum wipe happened(it was updated also in November before wipe and in December before another one. Then after 3rd one, pretty much everyone gave up on updating it as nobody took backups before.)
  8. energester

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    It is updated we just all play a lot of different games and try and stick together through facebook and steam and the games we play. old old people i just moved to ancient members as they are inactive. The council and active list is updated even tho there was long periods of time where I couldnt edit the town thread or had to remake it several times from forum wipes and such. but the thread is like 2 years old so i dont sit there and constantly tweek it. Some people i just dont care to move into ancient members as they still play other games within our towns community. The thread has always had a similar style to how it was originally when we were first formed.
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  9. Daniel_93

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    Guess I left something useful behind :rolleyes: .

    So, what's the deal with this server? I see some familiar names but not a whole lot of activity. I've got a sudden and almost certainly short-lived desire to play some Minecraft again.

    Who lives?
  10. KiadajTheBeast

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    Oh dear, well... you should then. We are just all waiting for things to update for us to 1.7.2.
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    heh its been good enough to work from :p. Yeah man come punch some trees when ya can. Would be good to see ya. Waiting on world wipe still.
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    I must admit that I'm rather impressed you kept Eden alive for so long. It's lasted longer than some servers.

    Can't believe how long it's been since Bettercraft, or Worsecraft as some people on here seem to call it :P .
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    WOOO! We love Eden! ALL HAIL THE SUPREME MASTER OVERLORD *cough* I mean... our benevolent leader...

    Also: I like how I am still listed as an ancient even though I have been a full fledged member (again) for the last year or so.

    Man, I miss the olde Eden. Not the server, just olde Eden. Things were so much more simple back then.

    And mai castle was supposed to look like that; cobblestone = partially destroyed! old structure.

    **I am an Architect? I am terrible at building... wait, I know. You couldn't find anywhere else to put me, could you? XD

    **** Oh. Apparently, I am an ancient and a level three member. Um. Well, I am on the official list!

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