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    Killa or Eden..... Killa or Eden... Klla or Eden... I'M SO CONFUZZLED!
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    Both are good choices.... Ener and Kia are great Mayors. :meowbounce:
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    i will be with eden, i am just wating for the sever to get up and going so i can start helping build
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    KILLA WOOT, >=3 rawr, so dangerous.
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    Thanks man. Yeah It shall be a good time for all :)
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    I'm looking at these maps.. now I REALLY REALLY want a screenshot of our current towns like this.
    (archival and novelty reasons)
    I wouldn't mind seeing this map used on the creative server (particularly with the 1.6.4 map as it gets moved over) if not but JUST for this purpose.
    and keep survival without satellite imagery..

    the top image is the first Eden when I joined.
    I joined when they were starting the big expansion, helping flatten out the area from behind the new wall.
    once I joined, ener had me pick out a spot... which was a mountain in the middle, I glassed in the face of it and had started an arena in the back corner. Then a flattening crew came by and almost wiped it out, but we ended up saving the manpower on flattening by placing a "new ground" level above the old terrain...
    this gave birth to "Under Eden". A place that had nice and natural terrain, but was dark for mob combat. we were making a light blue sky on the ceiling. if you owned a plot, you also had access to the under Eden from your basement. so you had a town above and below the ground.
    using the natural terrain was what made it such a beautiful town to live in.

    then came the meteors ...they wiped out the planet. but we escaped... we basically parachuted in as our ship blew apart from entering the harsh atmosphere of the new world we found.
    starting from scratch, we found a small town, and settled in (see the second map, near the lake and lighthouse).
    basically each resident got 1 chunk in the town there, no walls. this became "Outer Eden" once the Residential Areas walls went up.
    Some people wanted to be secure behind walls, others liked the small town life, and stayed outside, though those that moved into the town's Residential area (the walled in part) often kept their old house outside in Outer Eden.
    and usually when they raided us, they mainly went after the walled folks, and mostly left us Outer Edeners alone.
    Looking at the second map image, it isn't as nice as the original eden with all it's grand landscape.
    But it does have some great builds, and very ... controlled .. in it's layout.
    The town was growing so fast we were adding a new expansion before all hell broke loose upon us..
    and we had to escape our world again...
    We didn't have time to pack our bags, we had to flee.
    .. and flee we did..

    we touched down in this new world, which was burdened with too many tectonic plates.
    There were "earthquakes" which set people back from time to time.
    we built new towns and our current town
    Then a new threat to our existence came, and we hid in a deep hole...
    when the danger passed and we arose...
    Arisen from the crater as a Phoenix Risen from it's ashes.
    This began a new age.

    We decided from the get go, the town would be conforming to the landscape.
    The landscape was mostly flat though, it had 3 mountains and a nice area between them.
    The NPC Village was built there for the Villagers to live the good life.
    We built the town hall, and people just built wherever they wanted, we built the roads to fit the builds.
    On the other side of the mountain, North Eden, we went with the organized layout of the previous Eden that was so successful before.
    2x2 chunk plots (4 chunks each)...blah blah...
    we built the Outer Eden roads, which were to be where the shops were for the town.
    Each Member would be allowed to get a chunk or two to build a shop or house there, outside the walls.
    The "Public Eden" where people could go to sell their wares.
    The newest Expansion's Window Wall is nice, we may build a similar in the future. (disposal Deserts beware...)
    I hope we can get a map screenshot like these for the current towns.
    This latest version of Eden is very nice.
    It has a good mix of terrain, a couple mountains, hills, plains (former Forest actually).
    South Eden's freeform look and North Eden's organized plots both combine well on the natural landscape.
    The town has grown well and endured the test of time.
    but once you get comfortable...
    Another threat of destruction has been detected.
    we must abandon our planet again, but thanks to our new early warning satellites, we see it coming.
    the dreaded 1.7 asteroid is upon us.. getting closer everyday.
    But this time, we are prepared. We have been able to build our ships and pack our bags for the journey to find our new home.
    We'll land on the first rock we find, and settle in.
    With a whole new world to discover, new environments, new plantlife, and more, we will do very well for ourselves.

    Soon to be a journey unlike any other, because this time... we... are.. prepared...
    We've packed our bags, hopefully boarding our ships.
    Batten the hatches, unfurl the sails, and catch the Solar Winds ...
    and walk de plank ye Shadowy Fellas! To Davy Jones locker ye be goen!

    that's what I have to say about those map images.
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    Very well said. =]
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  8. energester

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    Very nice read Master. I like thinking about the past and how we came to be and all the things we have been through. Many stories and ill write some down someday to. Good times. Yes I would love to be able to take screenshots like the old edens. For memories and so I can put it on the thread as the next chapter. I always loved having dynmap it gave the game a more rpg feel having a world map. Plus builders can take a look to see how the build is looking and look at the other competition sorta. I never thought it was much of a big deal at all to see things from the sky in terms of pvpers using it to find places. They will find you anyway with locate and well you just have to secure your place like normal. You can also just camouflage with leaves and trees and things if you want.
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    Yep, I know having a dynmap gave away build locations, but I would much prefer to have it. This from a none PvP player that is always making big structures.
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    maps.. people might not want live satellite feeds for PvP protective reasons... being hidden and undiscovered too..
    nothing is stopping anyone from drawing a map and sharing it online as a photoimage.

    oblivion style/lord of the rings style.. showing mountains, biomes, towns, etc
  11. energester

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    A map updated every few days or a week and not real time would be good. If people are worried about that. Then ya can draw on it. Otherwise ya have to use in game maps then taking a screenshot to draw on. Or walking around and actually drawing on it and mapping out the new world by hand.

    Edit: just put a picture of the current eden right before the wipe on the first page. If you have other pictures of builds and old pictures you want to share just post em here or on the gallery under the eden subforum.
  12. WhiskeyCoffee

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    This is turning a 'To have a Dynamic Map or Not to have one." debate. Which I think is a good thing.

    Ener I don't want to hijack your towns thread, also I reckon it's worth a thread on it's own.

    Click here
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