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    Ban Reason: Grief of a spawn road
    Server: Phoenix Survival
    Ban Duration: 3 day ban
    Ban Details: Player announced in chat that he was griefing. I /v'd and tp'd to him to see him doing massive grief to the south road. (Thought I had this protected, but the protectin didn't cover enough) I rolled him back globally and saw that he had broken 709 blocks in the time he was on the server. I went for 3 days for this ban because the grief was immediate (right after he got out of tutorial) and seriously excessive.
    Attending Staff: Myself
    Ticket Reference: None
    Additional Action: None
    Additional Info: I hate it when people are idiots.
    Infraction: 1st Ban


    Broken Rules:
    • Respect others and their builds
    • No Griefing - If you didn't make it, dont touch it!
    • You are NOT allowed to break things other people made to get the materials.
    General Rules

    If you wish to appeal this ban, you may do so below. Our appeal process is as follows:
    • Admit what you did was wrong.
    • Apologize for what you did that broke the rules.
    • Tell us how you will avoid getting in trouble in the future.

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