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    Ban Reason: Grief/obscenity
    Server: PhoenixBuild
    Ban Duration: 1 Week ban
    Ban Details: A giant diamond block "fuck" and some ugly bedrock grief/towering. (Was referred to the grief by a player). I made the decision to extend the ban to 1 week because this player has been banned a plethora of times on servers for this same community. He apparently hasn't grown up very much, so a slap on the wrist wouldn't really be enough. He has had enough free passes. I'm counting this as a 2nd Ban. That means his next will likely be either 2 week or permanent.
    Attending Staff: Myself
    Ticket Reference: #12
    Additional Action: None
    Infraction: 2nd Ban


    Broken Rules:
    • No Towering
    • No Griefing
    • No Obscene/vulgar language on the build server
    • No Obscene/vulgar language in any building/structure
    General Rules

    If you wish to appeal this ban, you may do so below. Our appeal process is as follows:
    • Admit what you did was wrong.
    • Apologize for what you did that broke the rules.
    • Tell us how you will avoid getting in trouble in the future.

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