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    Our LOTR Server is now live, though under construction! Some features, like tutorials and such in spawn may be incomplete. However, feel free to login and play anyway, as staff will be working on these things in the interim!

    Here are some instructions to help you get in and start your adventure!


    To play on our LOTR server, you will need the following:

    Forge v. Installer | Windows Installer | Universal

    LOTR Minecraft Mod v. 32.3

    LOTR Minecraft Mod WIKI

    To install forge if using the installer for windows, do the following:
    • Make a launch option for vanilla 1.7.10 minecraft, and run it.
    • Close Minecraft.
    • Download and run the Windows installer for forge (choose client version).
    • Close Minecraft. Open Minecraft and launch with forge. Close it again.
    • Insert the file called [1.7.10] LOTRMod B32.3.jar into your ./minecraft/mods folder.
    • If you need help navigating to your .minecraft folder, launch minecraft, then click "options", "resource options", and finally "open resource packs folder". Navigate to the folder ABOVE .minecraft, and pin the .minecraft folder to your file explorer (for windows 8+ users).
    • Open Minecraft, and create a launch option that runs using the Forge as its version. Run it.
    • (Providing everything works) Open Multiplayer, and add a server with this IP:

    And you should be good to go! Please let me know if for any reason you need help with it!
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