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    went from 24 to 72, to 100 hours all before I could type it out

    griefing the road... when I hollered at him he said he didn't do it, was a friend, I said I didn't care.. you owe me 20 slabs.
    tsaid he would give them back at dawn.
    THEN I found an even larger strip of slabs missing further down..
    said something, he said "SHE" didn't take that many.
    I mentioned the area was so big, if I rolled it back his house would vanish.
    he said a few chouce words and left...
    then came back to ssay "suckers" ..
    basically admitting HE did it. (I got logs anyway)

    Darrington among other said to ban, but I said no, just slabs..
    I rolled the damage..
    his house vanished, and turned out, he had taken over someone ELSE's house
    (it appeared in the place of his)

    in the end 100 hour temp ban earned
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    Damn, he's lucky YOU did his ban. When I see people come on the server and grief the road straight away, I just do permanent bans. I figure if they've got no respect for the server, we don't need them here. This guy is lucky you are so nice. ;3
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