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    I want to take a quick minute before I go to bed to discuss ban threads.

    The purpose of a ban thread is to record something that a player did wrong, so that player knows why he/she received a ban or for reference to know where a player stands in relation to needing a ban in the future (I.E. Warning threads).

    Any comments on ban threads need to be:

    a) The person who was banned explaining him/herself​
    b) The person who was banned recognizing that he/she broke a rule​
    c) The person who was banned apologizing for breaking a rule​
    d) The person who was banned (intelligently) contesting a ban if he/she thinks it was unfair or based on misinformation​
    e) Someone who was involved in the issue providing detailed, important, and RELEVANT information that RELATES to the ban​
    f) A member of staff who is attending the issue and discussing relevant information​

    If you are not doing one of the above things, you should not be commenting on that ban thread. All comments on ban threads are moderated, meaning that a moderator has to physically approve a comment before it will even show up for other users. Don't post rude shit there. We will simply delete it, and you risk a forum ban for being an asshat while we are just trying to do our jobs and deal with a ban. Doing this is just a waste of our time, and you don't look like a badass or anything for being rude to staff because no one else even sees it. If you have something relevant to say, you are more than welcome to say it. Remember: Present your arguments reasonably and respectfully, and if it does not relate to the ban, POST IT SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Thank you.
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    What's that? Use common sense? BRILLIANT! :D
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    The face of pure banning evil
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    goaliebw I wish there was a Love button...
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    your the admin, you can make one <3 Cass
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    HAHAH yes, we need a 'love' button. :D
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