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    Ever wanted to auction something to other players on the server? Well now you can!

    /auc - view all commands

    /auc start [QTY] [PRICE] [INC] [TIME] - starts an auction

    /auc end - ends the current auction

    /auc cancel - cancels the current auction

    /auc info - shows detailed info about the current auction. PLEASE DO THIS EVERY TIME. It will show you if an item's name does not match the physical item sometimes and can help you from being cheated by other players.

    /bid [BID] [MAXBID]

    /sauc start [QTY] [PRICE] [INC] [TIME] - starts a sealed auction

    /auc ignore - opt out of auction participation and announcements (do this if you are annoyed by the alerts)

    [QTY] = quantity, how many of whatever you're selling
    [PRICE] = how much you want the starting bid to be
    [INC] = increment, the minimum amount between bids
    [TIME] = amount of time in seconds you want the auction to be open for (30-120 seconds)
    [BID] = how much money you're offering
    [MAXBID] = if you specify this, autobid will up your bid until your set max for you. If you leave it blank, you'll only bid once manually

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