Alex's big list of pointless things he wants in the vault so it can be a clubhouse thread

Discussion in 'Abyss General Discussion' started by Punkae, May 25, 2013.

  1. Punkae

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  2. AlexisMachine

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    Um ok... >_> <_<

    Room for portals/warp signs/stargates.

    Room for placing ores en masse for the purposes of breaking them with lucky picks >_>

    A fully stocked bar and lounge area.

    Some smaller farms for everything.

    Personal rooms.

    Big table meeting room for Cass :P

    Cass' "adult toy" storage >_> <_<
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  3. spike992

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    well inside the statues there will be personal rooms for the 4 town leaders (4 statues for the 4 town leaders) :p
    and i think we are doing it on an entry basis, as in only curtain ranks in town will allow u into curtain vaults, so the bottom vault will be town leaders only.

    first things first though, we need to clear the mofo :D

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